>> 25 Jan 2004


Interesting to hear DUP MP Gregory Campbell articulate the DUP bottom line for the looming Review of the Belfast Agreement. Of course he didn't HAVE to go all the way to Davos to spell it out but give any politician a stage...! So it's really very simple, all the IRA has to do is disband and disarm. No more mixing politics and paramilitarism. Sounds fair enough to me, though I would have added the caveat that ll those involved in IRA crimes should be brought to justice regardless of what happens. Why should even more murderers get carte blanche for their hideous crimes ?

Self-confessed former IRA commander Martin McGuinness gave the usual blather about making the Governments "face" down the dominant unionist position. Are Sinn Fein really this hopeless?

Without doubt, the stronger the line the DUP takes the more squeals and threats we will get from a republican movement grown fat and complacent through its years of pushing over Trimble and his little Vichy gang. The times they are-a-changing.


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