>> 31 May 2004


In a stunning example of ALL that is wrong about the European Union - butchers are to be banned from giving left-over bones to customers dogs. Here is the report. This bureaucratic brainstorm is precisely what so many British people find repulsive about the glorious EU that Blair wants to surrender our ancient liberties to. I say feed the dogs and damn the EU!



So Channel 5, that bastion of moderation, has decided to ban the BNP's Euro-broadcast. Apparently the decision was taken because the broadcast features the mother of a teenage girl who claimed her daughter was drugged and gang-raped by Asian men in Keighley, West Yorkshire. I find this odd given that the liberal media beseige us with stories on a regular basis featuring racist attacks on coloured people by white thugs! Surely in a mature democracy it should not be for Channel 5 to preach to us what is likely to stir up racial hatred!



I have met Paul Murphy, the Secretary of State, and found him to be a decent and courteous individual. Given his position, one can also assume he has some intelligence. Which makes his latest comments on South Africa's "Truth and reconciliation" process and its relevance to NI all the more remarkable.

Let's set a few things straight;

1. There is NO comparison between apartheid S.Africa and democratic Northern Ireland.

2. In South Africa majority rule is celebarted by the weasel-left. In NI it is denigrated as being verging on Nazism.

3. The fact that post truth and reconciliation South Africa has become the murder mecca of the world does not exactly inspire anyone!

4. Whatever happened to decommissioning in South Africa?

Be under no illusion. The British Government is going through the preliminary softening up process before it imposes a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" in Northern Ireland. This will facilitate those murdering scum who remain at large to obtain a "Do not go to jail" card along with official absolution. PSNI Chief Hugh Orde hinted at this the other day, incurring the wrath of UUP MLA Danny Kennedy. The pity is that had those like Mr. Kennedy and his ilk said NO to this wretched process in the first instance these horrendous prospects would not be so plausibly close.

The only winners from the "Truth Commission" process that is being contemplated for us will be the terrorists. What is needed is JUSTICE - justice means tracking down the guilty, and bringing them to court. That is what "victims" really want - but it does not sit well with our political masters.


The RUC is Remembered.....But It's Too Late

Church of Ireland Archbishop, Dr Robin Eames, presided over a memorial service to those courageous members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary on Sunday 30th May at St Mark's Church, Portadown.

Lest we forget it was the Belfast Agreement (that Eames and other liberal-minded types of the ecclesiastical fraternity so ardently championed) that provided the catalyst for the destruction, disbandment and humiliation of what was the finest anti-terrorist force anywhere in the world. The Patten Report, spawned by the agreement, did not even have the decency to thank the officers of the RUC for their sterling work in preventing a complete breakdown of law and order over a thirty-year epoch of mass slaughter. Now we are supposed to thank the CoI's bishopric big-wig for dedicating a stained glass window to the fallen? I'm sorry, Dr Eames, but your gesture is far too little, far too late!!


Irish Americans Disgrace the USA!

Since 9/11 the government and much of the people of Uncle Sam have taken a robust line against terrorism of all descriptions. The terrible events of that fateful Tuesday morning unleashed a resolve in the American people, pledging they would never be cowed by the evils of terrorism. It also awakened a sense among many individuals who had previously paid obeisance to violent Irish republicanism that they had been duped by the emetic romanticism of this ideology.

It is, thus, a great pity that there are still misguided cretins across the Atlantic who take great delight in commemorating IRA members. This mottley band of violent thugs are effectively the terrorist mentors for the kind of people who brought down the World Trade Center almost three years ago. The latest commemoration involves remembering the life of Bobby Sands, convicted of possessing firearms doubtless intended for use against innocent people. It is high time that the authorities in the USA took a more robust stance against Irish American groups who are, after all, a stain on Anglo-US relations.


Islam Courts the Liberal Democrats

The modern-day version of the Communist Manifesto, otherwise known as The Guardian, has a front page story indicating that the Muslim Association of Britain has advised Muslims not to vote for Labour because of the war in Iraq. The report goes on to say that many in that community are now actively considering giving the Liberal Democrats their votes on the 10th June.

Of course, in a democracy, people can choose who they wish to elect. It is strangely ironic though that a religion that is perhaps the most oppressive when it comes to the treatment of women; disapproves of any behaviour, culture of social interaction not specified in the Koran; has many practices inimical to the expression of human freedom; and whose more radical elements pose the biggest threat to global security since Nazism should have British adherents who wish to support - en masse - a party with the term 'Liberal' in its title. Has it never occurred to these hypocritical souls that their party political preferences/democratic freedoms on June 10th are now determined by their opposition to a venture that has precisely that same democratic freedom as its ultimate objective?


>> 30 May 2004


TERROR STATISTICS from 29 September 2000 through 26 August 2003

5,780 Israelis injured = 317,900 Americans*

841 Israelis killed = 46,255 Americans*

18,539 attacks, not including attacks with rocks or firebombs

* Based on a 55 to 1 ratio of population between the United States and Israel.

To quote from Michael Freund, 15,000 AND COUNTING, Jerusalem Post, November 19, 2002:

...Israel recently set a new world record. It is unclear when precisely it occurred, or what the exact circumstances were. But at some point earlier this month, Israel became the first country to endure its 15,000th terrorist attack in just over a two-year period. That works out, on average, to nearly one terror attack every hour of every day over 25 consecutive months.

But that is not what qualifies Israel for a place in the record books.

After all, many countries have experienced periods of civil unrest, subversive violence and lethal terrorism, albeit not nearly as intense or as prolonged as that which Israel has known of late.

What truly puts the Jewish state in a category all its own, however, is its willingness to tolerate this ongoing terror campaign, which should have been defeated long ago

From the informative Think Israel.



Well, I've been saying that the rush by the US to involve Lakdar Brahimi in Iraq was going to be a disaster and looks like Geo-Strategy Direct agrees with this view! In a very insightful article, it suggests that "The appointment (of Brahimi) appears to be part of a scenario in which the United States plans to order troops home after a general election in Iraq by the end of the year. Under this scenario, Iraq will have had its election, the United States will have declared victory and the only losers may be those who hope for Iraqi and Arab democracy."

Tangled Web readers will already know a little about Brahimi if they have been keeping up mto date on my postings. Whilst he is praised by Colin Powell we should consider the following new update on his thinking...

"Brahimi has made it clear he opposes removing Baathists from power. He said U.S. efforts to remove the Baathists from government, schools, police and the military have been extreme. The 2 million Baathists in Iraq carried out Saddam's policy of torture, death and deportation. The only criteria for government jobs was Baathist membership.

In Saddam's world, there were no technocrats. As a result, the U.S. military was ordered to release Iraqi terrorists and criminals en masse from Abu Gharib prison. Saddam's former generals and troops were given the keys to Fallujah, the heart of the Sunni insurgency against the U.S.-led coalition."

So let Brahimi have the upper hand and all has been in vain. It will be a victory for Saddam, for the UN, and for all the Ba'athist barbarians who ran the torture state of Iraq.



Got to hand it to John Kerry - he can always be relied upon to introduce amusement into otherwise serious political debate. Of course. John doesn't mean to - it just sorta happens when he speaks! This hilarious item from the Washington Post has Jean Francois indicating that as President he would play down the promotion of democracy as a leading goal in dealing with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Russia, instead focusing on other objectives that he said are more central to the United States' security. Like botox immunity certificates maybe?Poor John - even his pals in the media struggle to present his nonsense as nuance

I particularly like the way that the Post suggests that good old John-boy's foreign policy may be "less idealistic" than Bill Clintons!!!! Pause for jaw dropping. The words "idealistic" and "Clinton" rarely are spotted in the same sentence but the wonder of the liberal press is that all things - short of logic - are possible.



Tony Blair's favourite terrorist group, the IRA, is still active "testing bombs", training volunteers, and committing crime. At least according to the Irish Minister of Justice, Michael McDowell.

McDowell shows more bottle than the entire quisling British Government in exposing the lies that stream forth from Sinn Fein on a daily basis.

Thus we read that “The IRA is in charge, the army council. Sinn Fein does not decide, and

“The public is given this notion that Sinn Fein is out there trying to persuade the IRA. That’s completely false.”

It's clear that the IRA remains at large, active, recruiting, re-arming. Only those fools that "support" the failed Belfast Agreement like to pretend otherwise, and even that has worn thin. Bizarrey, British and Irish officials emphasise that they are aiming to secure a return to power-sharing devolution. “We are still 70%-75% likely to succeed but if we don’t, then we would be looking at a new assembly election,” an Irish source said.

Really? So what would THAT achieve? The DUP gets an even bigger vote, the IRA's stooges get an even bigger vote from radicalised nationalists..and THAT will lead to a way forward?

Are they mad?

The truth is unwelcome news for Blair but the wheels are long since off the Belfast Agreement. His treacherous deal with the IRA is in ruins. Only a gutless UK media and the sheer stupidity of the UUP and SDLP cover this up - to a degree.

Eventually, truth will out.


Durkan Fumes!

Mark Durkan, supposed leader of the declining SDLP, bemoans the loss of devolution. He claims that: 'Direct Rule is getting ever more direct' and, consequently, Northern Ireland is faced with the prospect of cuts imposed by a Treasury heavily concerned with tightening the purse strings.

Constitutional Irish nationalists had many chances to cut a deal with pro-Union representatives to keep devolution alive. They chose to reject that option and uphold separatist solidarity in the Assembly. Durkan, like much of the rest of his pathetic party, put the nirvana of separatist principles above the constructive workings of devolved government. That is why morally bankrupt nationalists have decided to vote for Sinn Fein/IRA, whereas the moderate voices within the Catholic community have, as the EU elections will demonstrate, given up on the idea of voting altogether.

Ulster's assembly has come to an end because the SDLP chose to put sectarian comradeship above pragmatic politics and democratic betterment. It will remain in limbo for as long as that is the case.



The past few days have seen DUP Leader Ian Paisley and UUP leader David Trimble engage in some public debate that they want to "talk." Why? Trimble had no interest in talking to anti-Agreement Unionists when his Vichy Party held the whip hand. Now that is no longer the case, and Trimble has been sidelined by the emergence of the DUP as the dominant voice of Unionism. As the Euro-poll draws near, and rumours of a UUP melt-down at the polls circulate, we can perhaps nunderstand why Mr. T suddenly is seeking a few headlines to show us how ready he is to talk. Antything to save Jimbo. The DUP are RIGHT to ask him exactly WHAT did he agree to last Autumn? What CONCESSIONS did he provide? I think we should be told!



So ubercop Hugh Orde now feels that he is entitled to discuss the nature of a looming "truth and reconciliation" commission. Here he accepts that AMNESTY for murderers would be part of that. It seems to me that Government is trying to find a way to impose this Orwellian construct despite the wishes of the people here in Northern Ireland. What is required is not some third rate "Truth" commission in which every terrorist apologist imaginable will drag their litany of lies and half-truths. No, what we need is justice. Mr Orde should be pursuing all the terrorists still at large, instead this wretched Chief Constable indulges his political agenda care of the ever-friendly and obliging media. Stick to policing, Mr. Order, your conviction rates are so low that they cannot be discerned.


>> 29 May 2004

The Sunday Independent Pulls No Punches

Whilst much of the media continues to either sanitise Sinn Fein/IRA or else treat them as a minor threat to the fabric of democracy, the Irish Sunday Independent has to be congratulated for persisting with its accurate portrayals of what this movement is really all about. In today's edition, Mary Leland pens an excellent piece on Sinn Fein's cancerous electoral strategy.


Barry White Laments

In today's Belfast Telegraph Barry White regrets the way the the more extreme parties in Northern Ireland have taken control of the agenda. He believes that there is little future in the 'moderate centre ground' of Ulster politics.

It is at times like this when I just love schadenfreude. As I recall, White was one of the foremost defenders of the Belfast Agreement during the late 1990's, and frequently ridiculed those of us who predicted that political arrangements which entrenched sectarian identities and gave endless concessions to the men of violence would, eventually, polarise politics in a way never seen hitherto. We were called 'extremists' and labelled with the ultimate insult of being 'anti-peace'. Yet, anti-agreement Unionists were simply saying 6 years ago what the naive are saying now.

Welcome to the world of political reality, Mr White.



Terror group the LVF has declared that it's "conflict" with the UVF is over. Well shucks, isn't that just swell. One gang of murdering thugs have decided to take a break from attacking another gang of murdering thugs. Big deal! If Northern Ireland society had even one scintilla of decency left, it would demand that these thugs are rounded up, deported to Abu Ghraib, and the keys thrown away. Why does our society accept that is "normal" for gangsters to dictate war and peace?




OK, who said;

"Every despatch is a further recital of what must be considered failure"?

No..try this, who said,

"The occupation is a failure"

No? Try this, who said,

"Never has American prestige in Europe been lower."

Answer: The New York Times. 1946.

They liberals pronounced the successful occupation of Germany "a failure" then, and some things just don't change!



"My policy has been, and will continue to be, while I have the honor to remain in the administration of the government, to be upon friendly terms with, but independent of, all the nations of the earth." --George Washington Sounds good enough for 2004, don't you think?


Sinn Fein Hypocrisy

Sinn Fein 'President', Gerry Adams, has condemned the Irish Government for not doing enough to promote 'Irish neutrality'.

One has to ask Mr Adams how any country can extol the virtues of military neutrality when it harbours approximately 100 tonnes of IRA weaponry in full knowledge of the lawful authorities: weaponry that is held in reserve to be used as tools of terrorist genocide should the 'peace' process not yield the constitutional aspirations of the Republican Movement?


>> 28 May 2004

Irish Separatism's True Colours Exposed

Limavady Borough Council in Northern Ireland has just voted to ban the flying of the Union Flag from council property. The motion was proposed by Sinn Fein/IRA councillors - a move that should come as no surprise as fascism rarely tolerates any thoughts or expressions of affiliation that do not tally with its narrow parameters of ideological 'acceptability'.

Irish separatism's onslaught against the flying of the national flag (the flag of the state to which 63% of Northern Ireland's populace expressed affinity in the latest poll) has its genesis in the 'equality' provisions of the Belfast Agreement. They argue - erroneously as usual - that the term 'equality' means that the Irish Tricolour should fly alongside the Union Flag, or else no flags should fly whatsoever. Let's review the facts again.

Firstly, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. It is a position that rests upon the provisions of international, European, British and Irish law, in addition to the consent of its people. The Head of State is the Queen and the flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Flag. Those fundamental positions are not changed one iota by any chapters on 'equality' and 'rights' in the Belfast Agreement. Period!!

Secondly, there was no objection raised in a recent survey among the council workers to the presence of the Union Flag on council buildings. This despicable ban has far more to do with the internal electoral battles between the 'acceptable' face of Irish separatism, the SDLP, and its murdering counterpart, Sinn Fein/IRA.

Yet another example of why power sharing must never again be countenanced as a method of governance in the Province. Irish separatism will simply pocket the benefits of power whilst seeking to eat away the fabric of Ulster's stability from within. The British State has been attempting to conciliate Irish nationalism since the mid-19th Century and has failed to do so. Let's hope that same state realises the folly of attempting to propitiate those who will not be satisfied short of total constitutional victory. And that is simply not on the cards!


The Farce of BBC Question Time

We are repeatedly informed by the anchorman of Question Time, David Dimbleby, that the programme's raison d'etre is to give a representative sample of British opinion on a range of current affairs. Fine words indeed!

If only that were true. Unfortunately, both the composition of the weekly panel, and the political bent of a clear majority of the audience suggest that any vestiges of 'impartiality' have long since been cast aside. Let's look at the most recent line-up (broadcast Thursday 27.05.04):

1. Peter Hain - one time radical left-winger who figured it was wise to discard his more unpalatable principles for a rapid rise up the parliamentary career ladder.

2. Phil Willis - a member of arguably the most collectively left-wing party in the House of Commons, and a man whose own website castigates the leaders of the UK and USA for taking the bold initiative of invading Iraq and removing a man who had murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people.

3. Janet Street Porter - a doyenne of 'the loony left' who thought it wise to argue that Abu Hamza be given the right to continue his sermons of hatred under the banner of 'freedom of expression', yet argued that advertisement of junk food should be stopped due to its potentially harmful consequences.

For those viewers not consumed by the philosophies of left-wing politics, well, they had the benefit of the presence of Conservative MP, Caroline Spelman in addition to 'Gosford Park' creator, Julian Fellows. Perhaps it my poor grasp of ratios, but that doesn't appear to constitute a politically balanced panel.

Couple the above injustice with the fact that most audiences on Question Time foam at the mouth at the mere mention of George W Bush and applaud with frenzy the articulation of views that the silent majority would find abhorrent, and you have a programme that the founding fathers of the Politburo (Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev, Stalin and Krestinsky) would have been proud of.



OK - here it is - video evidence FROM Israeli Channel Ten television showing armed Palestinians using UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Work Agency) ambulances to flee Israeli forces operating in the Gaza Strip. The television report, filmed in Gaza City's Zeitoun neighborhood on May 11, on the same night the first IDF armored personnel carrier was destroyed, killing six Israeli soldiers, clearly showed armed Palestinians boarding a UN-marked ambulance with a UN flag, and fleeing the scene.

When will we get an apology from the UN do you think?


>> 27 May 2004

The Friday Essay


Why is it so many Europeans passionately believe that it is morally and politically unacceptable for Israel to defend itself against the murderous onslaught orchestrated by Nobel Peace Laureate and beneficiary of Euro millions - Yasser Arafat?

In defence of their belief that Israel is always wrong Europeans march through the streets of their cities, they organise benefits to help Palestinian killers, they rush to all available media channels to decry IDF military activity. It’s a full time job being full time against Israel!

Could it be that there are those amongst the European nations that presided over the Holocaust who feel that there is unfinished business? How else to explain the hysterical European reaction in recent days to the Israeli military operation in Rafah?

Reporting on the Israeli mission, the leftist BBC was quick to directly echo Arafat’s propaganda line that this was another appalling “massacre.” Breathless journalists lined up to earnestly report that dozens of innocent Palestinians had been cruelly killed by the over-the-top Israeli military action. Even poor children had been deliberately mowed down by the barbarity of the IDF approach.

Now whilst appreciating that this fantasy journalism is brought to us from the same people who brought us the Jenin “Massacre” (that turned out not to be a massacre) it is still a sobering thought that they are so many in media circles who are so quick to judge Israel and find it guilty.

In all the extensive reporting on Rafah there is one word that you will never hear or read in the European media; that word is “terrorist.” Instead every form of euphemistic evasion is employed; “activists”, “militants” “fighters” – the thesaurus is thumbed through to find ways of getting past the T-word. This is because Europe has become a land in which moral equivocation has been turned into an art-form. What else can explain the French awarding Michael Moore the Palm D’or!

The blurring of right and wrong has become the mark of the Euro-journalist. In this way, the actions of those Palestinian barbarians that slaughtered a mother and her four daughters can be compared to the actions of the IDF when it kills Hamas terrorists. It’s disgusting, it’s unacceptable, but that’s how Europe is these days.

Possibly even more repugnant than the morally bankrupt Euro-media is the grotesque lies emanating from Amnesty International. The ranting of this poisonous organisation is treated by Europeans as if it is Holy writ. Their spokespeople get to grab prime time TV from which they lambaste Israel whilst making sickening apologies for Arafat and his crew.

The ever biased Amnesty International has condemned Israel's destruction of Palestinian homes in Rafah as "war crimes". In a new report the self-proclaimed human rights group accuses Israel of destroying more than 3,000 Palestinian homes in the current three-and-a-half year Intifada. Tens of thousands have been left homeless as the demolition reaches "unprecedented levels", Amnesty says.

Amnesty has also demanded that Israel halts demolitions immediately. It says that Israel's "collective punishments have extended to buildings only tenuously linked to Palestinian armed attackers". House demolitions were linked to Israeli intentions to take over West Bank and Gaza land, it said. It described the practices as "grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention" and "war crimes".

Now anyone with any common sense will figure that Amnesty, like the European Union and the United Nations, has a simple agenda when it comes to Israel. It requires that Israel concedes the right to exist and quietly disappears into the Mediterranean. It’s much vaunted “humanitarian” agenda does not extend to the citizens of Israel.

So when a spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry said Israel had to "take the necessary measures to protect the lives and security of its citizens" and said it was "in full compliance with international law" – this was ignored. Similarly when he added, “While there is no question that the Palestinian population is suffering from the ongoing conflict, that suffering is a direct result of Palestinian terrorism aimed at innocent Israelis, and the need for Israel to protect its citizens from these abhorrent attacks." – European fingers were firmly inserted into ears.

Sometimes we have to face unpleasant truths and one of these is that the European media elite harbour a desire to see the State of Israel wiped out. Whilst many of us see Israel as a beacon of democracy and liberty shining in the darkness of the Middle East, all many Europeans can see is unfinished business.



I liked this comment from Jay Leno,

"John Kerry met with Ralph Nader last week. Both sides of every issue were discussed. And then, Nader spoke."

Also this,

"Bill Clinton's memoir, which is coming out in June, is called 'My Life.' I believe it's an oral history. ... They say it should be a good read even for people who are unfamiliar with Bill Clinton, you know, like Hillary."



Just in case you had forgotten (and who can blame you!)we're winning in Iraq. Here's how!

"We have liberated the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator who gassed his own people, had weapons of mass destruction, invaded his neighbors, harbored terrorists, funded terrorists and had reached out to Osama bin Laden. Liberals may see Saddam's mass graves in Iraq as half-full, but I prefer to see them as half-empty.

So far, we have found chemical and biological weapons – brucella and Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, ricin, sarin, aflatoxin – and long-range missiles in Iraq.

The terrorist "stronghold" of Karbala was abandoned last week by Islamic crazies loyal to cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who slunk away when it became clear that no one supported them.

Iraqis living in Karbala had recently distributed fliers asking the rebels to please leave, further underscoring one of the principal remaining problems in Iraq – the desperate need for more Kinko's outlets. Last weekend, our troops patrolled this rebel "stronghold" without a shot being fired.

The entire Kurdish region – one-third of the country – is patrolled by about 300 American troops, which is fewer than it takes to patrol the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach on Easter weekends.

We've captured Saddam! And it wasn't bloody! Indeed, the most harrowing aspect of Saddam's capture was that he hadn't bathed or been de-liced for two months.

Now we're fighting directly with Islamic loonies crawling out of their rat holes from around the entire region – which liberals also said wouldn't happen. Remember how liberals said the Islamic loonies hated Saddam Hussein – hated him! – because he was a "secularist"? As geopolitical strategist Paul Begala put it, Saddam would never share his weapons with terrorists because "those Islamic terrorists would use them against Saddam Hussein because he's secular." Well, apparently, the crazies have put aside their scruples about Saddam's secularism to come out in the open where they can be shot by American troops rather than fighting on the streets of Manhattan (where the natives would immediately surrender).

The beauty of being a liberal is that history always begins this morning. To be sure, Iraq is not a bed of roses. As the Brookings Institution scholar said, we have yet to give the Iraqis "budget resources" that "are not already pre-allocated." I take it back: It is a quagmire."

From the wonderful understated Ann Coulter!



The UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force)is a disgusting terrorist group which brings shame on the community that it infests. It has been responsible for many appalling murders, not least the deaths of the three Quinn boys in Ballymoney. (the eunuch NI media chose instead to blame the Orange Order for the laller, disgracefully)Yet bizarrely, the UVF's talking heads in the PUP,(Progressive Unionist Party) are treated as brave and noble Statesmen. Hugh Smythe, Billy Hutchinson, and above all, David Ervine, have been given the full media image treatment. Great men one and all. The teensy-weensy problem with this is that the UVF continues to murder, bomb and maim. This is the latest instance of a UVF bomb attempt. This follows last week's murder of Brian Stewart.

The truth is that the PUP/UVF is as sickening an organisation as the IRA/Sinn Fein. Both should be banned, their members incarcerated, and the days of appeasement towards them brought to an abrupt halt. But the media love them. Where would the BBC be without "dictionary" David Ervine - the man who never uses one word where two can be more incoherent? Please, the media beg with tears in their eyes, please don't take our grotesqueries away...where would we be without them?


Feeney Sacrifices Objectivity for Bigotry.....Again!!!

Brian Feeney, one time SDLP member and now one of radical Irish separatism's most pen-poisonous proponents, launched an attack on Northern Ireland Secretary, Paul Murphy, in yesterday's Irish News. It would appear that, with each passing week, Feeney retreats from the world of objective reality into the cocoon of nationalist spite. After all, this is a journalist who recently berated the Republic's Justice Minister, Michael McDowell, for having the temerity to reveal Sinn Fein/IRA for what they truly are, lest it destablise the 'precious' peace process.

In his latest diatribe, Feeney points to the apparent contradiction between Mr Murphy's forceful condemnation of the IRA following the Tohill kidnap and his lack of comment on the UVF murder of Brian Stewart. I therefore feel it is pertinent to remind Feeney of a few points:

1. It was his own community - the nationalist community - that so overwhelmingly endorsed a 'peace process' that gave succour to terrorists of all shades and emboldened them in their ongoing campaigns of murder and intimidation against their own communities. In other words the Holy Grail of nationalist achievements, the Belfast Agreement, is the same agreement that unleashed incarcerated terrorists into the midst of their respective communities, as well as enhancing their objectionable sense of invincibility. It is against that background that the Stewart murder must be considered.

2. Nationalists haven't yet comprehended the very simple fact that loyalist terrorism, whilst no less odious and evil than its republican counterpart, is not electorally endorsed by the pro-Union majority and thus has no impact on the political process. This is despite numerous steps taken by the Government to encourage such electoral endorsement. Sinn Fein receives growing support from a republican constituency devoid of common decency; the PUP, by comparison, is a fringe movement rightly recognised as unworthy of support from the Unionist voters.

3. What evidence has Feeney to back up his assertion that the State 'actively conspired with loyalist paramilitaries throughout the Troubles'? None whatsoever!! The RUC and the Army were the two forces that stood between intermittent instability and outright anarchy. It is also worth mentioning that much of that anarchy was created by the very same Republican Movement he so vehemently defends, whilst much of that aforesaid 'intermittent instability' is still being practiced under different guises by the same political philosophy he so rigorously articulates.

No other democracy would tolerate the proxies of armed and active terror in its government: Northern Ireland should be no different. The sooner Feeney and his ilk realise that, the better!


A New Avenue of Republican Propaganda

Separatists in Northern Ireland are to be treated to another media 'delight' in the form of a new newspaper, Ireland Today. It will be run by the same group responsible for other Sinn Fein propaganda rags such as the Andersonstown News.

Irish republicanism has the ability to run a propaganda machine that Joseph Goebbles would have been proud of. But, since Irish republicanism is a political philosophy that Goebbles (and other members of Hitler's inner sanctum) would also be proud of, the above statement is hardly surprising.


Abu Hamza's Last Hurrah?

You've got to hand it to the liberal media. They really know how to use language that fails to give an accurate portrayal of someone's character. The BBC today describes Abu Hamza, a known terrorist supporter, inciter of terrorism and anti-western psychopath (despite the fact that he quite contentedly lives here in the UK on state handouts) as a 'radical Muslim cleric'. Pray tell how such a description can even begin to adequately address the true revolting nature of this man and his nefarious activities?

One very important question needs to be asked: how is this person still able to live in the UK and, moreover, be permitted to teach his 'theological' orientated bigotry on the streets of our capital city whilst being guarded (at considerable taxpayers expense, no doubt) by the Metropolitan Police? We are constantly informed that the Government is exploring the legalities of deporting Hamza, yet we are never allowed to ask in what other country would the overriding need to safeguard state security be subordinate to the protracted wranglings of the judicial process?

Nonetheless, every cloud has a silver lining. Hamza has been arrested and faces extradition to the US (a country that would not allow its national security interests to be held hostage by the politically correct wing of the legal industry). We can only hope that Hamza will face the powers-that-be across the Pond with significantly less hubris than he has displayed here in Britain - especially if conviction means paying the ultimate price.


>> 26 May 2004


It has been said that the world can be divided up into two groups of people - September 10th folks and September 11th folks.

The former carry on as if 9/11 was a once-off "criminal" act, brought about by US imperialism and those bad Jews in Israel. They believe that if only we could grabble with the "root causes" of Islamic terrorism, if only we could adopt a more amenable foreign policy in the Middle East, if only we sent more tax dollars in aid to these Jihadists, then they would surely understand us and stop wanting to kill us. Sure.

September 11th people are different. They know that for years now the Jihadists have been at war with all of us. They remember the first attempt to being down the Twin Towers (and the Iraqi involvement), they remember the USS Cole, the bombings of US embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania, and above all, they remember that Jihadistan is at war with us. They chose it not us. Being at war is not a nice liberal wish, nor is it a conservative one - but we conservatives understand that the terrorists have one simple mission - to kill us and subjugate our modern democracies to their will. This we will resist.

They scored a great success in Spain, they have the UN in full support of their long term aim (the humiliation of the USA), they have the craven international NGO's backing them up - but so long as strong-minded conservatives remain in control of the White House their chances of victory are slim. The terrorists understand this which is why it is likely that they will go for a repeat of "Madrid" in the USA before election day to try to bring about regime change. Any fool can see that.(except John Kerry, obviously)

So, study this reaction of the Democrats to John Ashcroft's recent statement, and then remember that Dem's are from Sept 10th, the rest of us are from Sept 11th. And we know WHY.



I can remember the images of the Omagh atrocity coming in through our TV screens back in 1998. Like so many terrorist incidents before, it instilled a sickening feeling and a sense of anger that events like this could still happen. Those dozens of people brutally murdered on the streets of Omagh had no chance, their lives were taken from them, young and old alike.

The Real IRA - an adjunct to the IRA - were believed to be guilty of that heinous crime.

However here in Alice in Wonderland a senior judge has said the Real IRA is not a proscribed organisation after he cleared four men of being members. The landmark ruling was made by Mr Justice Girvan.In this instance to call the law an ass would be far too mild.

If ever one needed reminding how corrupting the Belfast Agreement is, here is the evidence. Grinning terrorists stroll free from justice - their "good" name restored whilst the victims of terrorism shake their heads in disbelief. Only in Northern Ireland terrrorists are not terrorists. It's called peace in our time.



Thanks to the excellent Biased BBC site for this gem.

"I have just been watching the BBC’s Reporting Scotland programme. Tonight they were covering the “fringe” parties contesting the elections for the European Parliament.

I almost fell off my chair when I heard this about the British National Party: “The BNP is no stranger to controversy or protest. It maintains that it isn’t racist, though it’s opposed to immigration, the Euro and the European Union."

So there we have it. According to the taxpayer-funded BBC, opposition to the Euro and the EU is racist. I wonder how "neutral" the rest of their election reporting will be."

What could be more impartial than that??



As politicians of all hues queue to gain our endorsement to the European Parliament next month, here is an excellent article exposing the greed and corruption that has become symbolic of Euroland. This is my fave excerpt;

An Irish legislator, John Joseph McCartin, waited at 7:59 a.m. to register for his daily payment in Strasbourg so that he could catch a 9:30 a.m. flight home. When the registry did not open in the next few minutes, he signed a piece of paper and rushed out, telling Martin, "Seven minutes is a lot to lose."

Please note that Paisley is also not spared a savage indictment!

On our exciting poll, by the way, I am entertained to see that Jim Alister is perceived by our illustrious voters on A TANGLED WEB as the worst Euro candidate. Clearly this experienced Barrister lacks the silver-tongued roguish charm of Farmer Jim Nicholson, or the dark paramilitary connections of Sinn Fein - but give the guy a break. Come on DUP'ers - can't you support your man????



"If you ever injected truth into politics, you would have no politics" Will Rogers.



On April 7 Kofi Annan, the Nobel laureate, said that "the international community cannot stand idle" and proposed an "action plan to prevent genocide, involving the whole United Nations system" so that there would not be another Rwanda. This was widely reported and Kofi was given a sympathetic hearing.

On Friday, May 7, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Bertran Ramcharan, after a two-week trip to the Darfur province in Sudan by a U.N. delegation, told the U.N. Security Council that the government of Sudan "armed and supported Arab militias that allegedly expelled more than a million villagers in Sudan's Darfur province and killed thousands." The corpses are those of black Africans. Both the Arab Janjaweed militias and the victims are Muslims.

Also on May 7, Human Rights Watch, which, reporting from the killing grounds, has done an extraordinarily detailed, continuing account of these horrors, issued a 77-page report, documenting "how Sudanese government forces have overseen and directly participated in massacres, summary executions of civilians, burning of towns and villages, and the forcible depopulation of wide swathes of land long-inhabited by the [black] Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups."

So, what did the UN decide to do when it met on May 7? Nothing. They'll keep it under review and discuss it in June. Apologies to those murdered between now and then. Tough love - Kofi style.

Full details here.


Beware Journalistic Bootlicking!

Harry McGee and Mary Dundon in the Irish Examiner paint a flattering, nay hagiographic, portrait of Sinn Fein's candidate in Connacht/Ulster, Pearse Doherty. They variously describe him as 'tall and fresh faced', possessing 'energy and vigour' and rating him overall as 'about as experienced, as mature, as worldy-wise as they come.'

In an era when appearance seems to count for everything and where, contrapuntally, decency and integrity count for very little, it should hardly be surprising that the Examiner's hacks are smitten with what they perceived to be a 21st Century Rudolph Valentino. Doherty is 'tall and fresh faced', eh? So what!!! The urchin who was recently arrested for breaking into my car was also 'tall and fresh faced'. It did not obscure his inner character with its palpable lack of conscience, however.

McGee and Dundon make only a cursory mention of how outsiders may perceive the 'party's policies and its moral equivalence', despite that fact that they live in perhaps the only remaining sovereign western polity (or should that read venal state?) that would even allow such a 'party' to contest nationally important elections at all. They also ludicrously deny Doherty's connections with paramilitarism. How convenient it must have been for them to casually skip over the fact that everyone who works, or is involved, with Sinn Fein is giving a blessing to the continued existence of the Provisional IRA - with its weaponry intact and ready for use. That is just about as much paramilitary baggage as one can hold short of actively engaging in mass terrorism.

Should the voters of Connacht/Ulster elect such a man, they should be viewed with the same contempt by peace-loving democrats as their separatist cohorts in Northern Ireland.



Check this out from Steven Plaut;

"Well the numbers are in. Remember how the media invented a mass

murder, genocide, war crimes story regarding Jenin last year, after which it

turned out only 20 Palestinians people had been killed in the city

battle?Palestinian statistics are back. The media is whining about how

those insensitive Israelis destroyed "thousands" of Palestinian homes, and

put "thousands" of Palestinian families from Rafah on the streets.

It turns out, only 56 houses were demolished, all because they were being

used to threaten the movement of Israeli patrols along the border with

Egypt and to snipe at Israelis, and most of these housed those very same

ghouls who stole and defiled the body parts of the murdered Israeli


Given the howls of outrage from the Nazi's in the UN and the BBC, one would

have thought an Atomic bomb had been dropped on the residents of the Gaza smuggling network.



I quite like Bertie Ahern. He is a master politician, and well suited for the position he occupies. The problem is, every time he opens his mouth to talk about the internal affairs of Northern Ireland all I hear is hot air hissing out. This latest nonsense means nothing. He weasels about on the McCabe deal, he insists that the "Good Friday Agreement" is still alive and well even though it is dead and buried, and he informs us that " Obviously, the IRA still exist, they still recruit and they still do some training" However their commitment to peace is not to be doubted??????


>> 25 May 2004


I laughed at the latest pathetic attempt by the UUP to create the impression that they are now united! Trimble has appointed the silver-tongued suave urbane Roy Beggs as Chief Whip in Westminster (Don't mention the dump, eh Roy) and Montgomery Burns look-a-like Sir Reg Empey at Stormont. Both men are presented as having been "rivals" but now the pipe of peace has been smoked and all is well. Or so slabbering hacks like Chris Thornton would have us believe.

The truth is that Beggs is beyond parody (nice choice in tweed hats though) and Empey has given the terms wimp a whole new dimension. In truth, this "re-organisation" (just in time for the Euro-poll) merely demonstrates that the UUP is ever more pro-Agreement whilst the unionist electorate is ever more anti-Agreement. Thus these changes achieve nothing - rather like the Ulster Unionist Party itself.



Interesting story in the Belfast Telegraph concerning Goverment's waste of £125m creating "Visitor Centres" that don;t actually attract any visitors. Worst of all was the Burren Centre at Warrenpoint. It cost approx £95,000 just to set it up (never mind running costs, still hidden by Government)it attracted 107 visitors in 1998. This sort of crass stupidity is symtomatic of what happens when Government gets involved in areas it has no business being in. Typically, politicians rush to half-excuse this, witness Burnsides nonsense. This was tax-payers money taken from them and used by Government to create a herd of white elephants.



Check out this link to read exactly how the leftist media lies, distorts, takes out of context when it comes to Iraq. All this on the infamous "Wedding Party"



Kevin Myers had an excellent piece in the Irish Times today exposing the gross hypocrisy of Sinn Fein/IRA.

Thinking about it, in what other civilised country would such a cold-blooded murder machine be permitted to even organise for elections, let alone wield any power? Isn't the truth that each advance Sinn Fein/IRA makes is a retreat for democracy in both NI and ROI? Isn't it time that the Irish and British Government did the right thing, outlawed these terorist groups, threw their gangsters into prison (I hear Abu Ghraib has capacity these days) and stopped the ceaseless prostitution of the democratic process to these barbarians at the gates?


Sinn Fein/IRA take Umbrage

Sinn Fein/IRA's 'Director of Elections' (and, allegedly, a member of the IRA Army Council), Pat Doherty, has strongly criticised the Irish Republic's Minister of Justice, Michael McDowell, for continually denigrating the Republican Movement. Doherty, like all members of this Jekyll and Hyde cult which masquerades as a democratic force, seems to believe that attacking the frontsmen of Europe's most prolific terrorist killing machine is tantamount to blasphemy.

Oh dear, Pat!! Well, we musn't let truth, openness and honesty get in the way of insurrectionist murder and its Hannibalistic advance into the cauldron of Irish politics now, must we? Let's face it, truth and honesty are not traits one would automatically associate with Sinn Fein/IRA. Slaughter and mutilation, on the other hand.......


Wooing the Supporters of Terror!

According to a report by the London-based think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Iraq war has 'galvanised' Al Queda in its terrorist putsch against the West in general, and the USA in particular.

It goes on to say that 'the war in Iraq has focused the energies of Al Queda and its supporters'. I don't suppose it ever occurred to the 'academics' at the IISS, or the pacifist newshounds at the BBC who broke the story of this report, that large chunks of these terrorists were, in all probability, present within the territory of Iraq during Saddam's dictatorship. They would probably like us to believe that masses of the Al Queda faithful converged on Iraq like some terrorist version of the Pied Piper tale, or that Al Queda membership forms were distributed in copious quantities amongst the idle revolutionaries of that benighted country and the wider Islamic world, as soon as the invasion took place.

Finally, in a breathtaking display of unctuousness, the IISS contends that the Americans must take care to win 'hearts and minds' by tempering their 'unilateralism'. I suspect that the vast majority of American citizens are not particularly interested in courting the sensibilities of those who, inter alia, perpetrated or supported the beheading of Nick Berg, or the destruction of the World Trade Center.

This is a war for the very survival of a structured global order. It cannot be conducted like a school-hall musical, partial to the appeasing whims of self-important pen pushers.


The European Union: In or Out?

A piece by Sir Norman Tebbit in the Daily Telegraph exposes the inherent contradiction in current Tory policy surrounding the future of the EU. He correctly highlights the difficulties any future Conservative government may experience when faced with the dilemma of an enforced 'ever closer Union' or total withdrawal from the club. Michael Howard is supposedly committed to the perennial philosophy of a 'Union of sovereign nation states.' In the early 1990's, when such an eventuality was not beyond the realms of possibility, the espousal of this noble goal was entirely believable. In today's EU, with its overarching exercise of neo-functionalist politics, a loose alliance of independent countries is anathema.

Does the United Kingdom wish to continue with membership of an organisation whose fundamental tenets are so antithetical to the wishes of a clear majority of the British people? It is time to end Tory ambivalence. Either Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition commits itself to a Liberal Democrat vision of the EU, or it propounds the scenario of a British exit. I certainly favour the latter.



I know this is sexist but has anyone else noticed that Irish Deputy PM (Tanaiste) Mary Harney has become so broad that her face now fully occupies any picture shot? She is giving the term "widescreen" a whole new dimension!


>> 24 May 2004


The DUP european election broadcast brought to mind the opening line of 1970's BBC sitcom

"It ain't half hot, Mum"...."Meet the gang cos the boys are here...the boys to represent you"

There was the Doc, Peter, Gregory, Nigel, Jeffrey, Iris..all the names endorsing Jim Allister. I thought it was a bit corny, but then again compared to the UU broadcast it was an Oscar-winner. The thing about politics is that you need a brass-neck - and I never quite managed that!



President Bush has announced that the US will level Abu Ghraib prison and build a new maximum security base there. Wrong decision. It is Fallujah that should have been levelled. One more victory for the Powell camp. The Administration is losing its way.



"If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at the moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved, and to be steady on all the battle front besides, is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point."

--Martin Luther

Makes you stop and think.

From the ever wonderful Federalist.



Thought Doc Rampage sums things up nicely here.

"The difference in a nut shell: the left believes that the measure of a society is how well it produces good people. The right thinks that the measure of a society is how well it controls bad people. To the left, if a society has bad people that need to be controlled, then it is a failure already. To the right, society has little impact on how good a person is, it can only control their more harmful actions."

and also,

"When the right congratulates themselves for a war with few civilian casualties, the left views them as being callous to the casualties that did occur. But what the left misses is that the right doesn't believe that there were any better alternatives, any solutions that would have led to fewer deaths of the innocent. Once you decide that you can't prevent all tragedy, it is simply reasonable, not callous, to work toward minimizing the scope of the tragedy and to be happy when you do a good job at minimizing it."

Amen to that!



Wonderful parody from Mark Steyn on the entire left wing chorus here!

He claims this is buy the Guardian Tabernacle Choir, accompanied by the New Stateman Orchestra, with George Monbiot on snare Drums. (I would add and the BBC on backbeat)

You got to ac-cen-tchu-ate the negative

E-lim-i-nate the positive

Latch on to all the paranoid

Don’t mess with Mister In Between

You got to ask yourself who has the most to gain

Ask yourself who’s the least to gain

Figure out just who benefits

It’s always the US war machine

To illustrate

The stuff we check

Mention Vietnam

Bring up Mossadeq

That’s what we do

Just when ev’rything looks a wreck

Man, we say you gotta

Ac-cen-tchu-ate the negative

E-lim-i-nate the positive

Latch on to all the paranoid

Don’t mess with Mister In Between!


The Republic's Citizenship Referendum

A poll in today's Irish Times gives a clear lead to the 'yes' camp amongst those who have already made up their mind on which way they will vote on June 11th. Of course Sinn Fein/IRA and the SDLP have been running around the political arena like headless chickens claiming that the referendum undermines the Belfast Agreement. What a strange, ironic world we live in. After all, the very nomenclature used by these parties when describing Northern Ireland runs contrary to the central theme of 'consent' so vaunted in that same agreement.

For the uninitiated who are all too familiar with the Irish separatist clarion call that the 'agreement was endorsed by all of the people of the island', let me provide a few salient points:

1. The people of the Irish Republic did not vote for the Belfast Agreement. They merely voted to amend their state's territorial claim to give effect to the British/Irish Annex in the Agreement. Moreover, vast swathes of the Agreement were not even incorporated into Irish domestic law.

2. The nonsensical contemporary Article 2 of Bunreacht na hEireann could (and has) be used as a loophole for those who have no links either with the Republic or, indeed, the wider European Union to gain the right to remain within the Union courtesy of having a child born with the island of Ireland.

3. Citizenship by the back door could also impact on us here in the United Kingdom - not only because of the commonality of residency rules throughout the EU, but also because of the Ireland Act 1949 which does not recognise Irish citizens as 'foreigners'.

Let us hope the citizens of the Irish Republic vote 'yes' on June 11th and do not allow their state to either become a haven for those on a mealticket, or allow their laws to be affected by the blandishments of Northern nationalists whose own 'affinity' with the Republic is, at best, dubious and, at worst, driven by self-centred, sentimentalist manipulation.



So let me get this right. After extensive consultation with the general public, and after it became clear that the public wish to see some form of academic selection, the Government decided to abolish academic selection.

The BBC REPORTS that Government is to proceed with plans to scrap academic selection in grammar schools in Northern Ireland. Education minister Barry Gardiner was responding to a newspaper advert paid for by former grammar school pupils opposed to the recommendations of the Costello Group. The Confederation of Grammar Schools' Former Pupils' Association was set up to lobby for the retention of academic selection and other related issues, after it was announced in January that the 11-plus would be scrapped.

This ideological cesspit of a Government is out to destroy that which makes Northern Ireland's academic system so excellent. Dumb down in the name of equality, confident that the Parasite sector and its handmaidens in the Unions will support you.


According to today's Belfast Telegraph the Irish Government is to 'demand' clarification of health guidelines governing the operation of British Army masts in South Armagh. It goes on to say that 'residents in South Armagh see helicopter flights as unnecessary.'

Notwithstanding the fact that the Irish Government is yet again attempting to interfere in affairs governing a part of the United Kingdom that are beyond its remit (even under the failed Belfast Agreement), my initial reaction to the 'difficulties' experienced by the locals was one of utter contempt. Here we have a community that nurtured, harboured and supported the perpetrators of the Canary Wharf bomb whining incessantly about, inter alia, the health hazards and disruption associated with the Army's presence.

What about the general health of Inam Bashir and John Jeffries (the victims of Canary Wharf)? What about the disruption caused to daily lives by atrocities inflicted upon the innocents of Belfast, London, Deal, Aldershot, Warrington, Enniskillen and Osnabruk through thirty years of slaughter? Such hypocrisy is akin to keeping a great white shark in your swimming pool and then advising your offspring to avoid wading in the local river for fear of being attacked by a pike!!

My message to the people of South Armagh is: the so-called 'disruption' to your lives is caused by your own actions, beliefs, lifestyles and history. Perhaps when the locale stops being a breeding ground for some on the most heinous individuals anywhere in these islands, the Army will act accordingly.



In the spirit of adding to the site, and having a laugh, please take the poll on the left hand side, and register who gets YOUR vote for being the WORST European Parliament candidate. So much choice.



The Newsletter highlights the disgraceful fact that there is only one police car covering a thirty mile radius from Bushmills to Glenarrife. I wonder why our media flouting Chief Constable has nothing to say about this? It strikes me that the peace dividend includes the PSNI essentially disengaging from effective policing.



I was surprised to discover that the US has already uncovered 1 million metric tons of ammunition in Iraq. Why? Because the mighty US has 1.5 million metric tons. Lucky Saddam wasn't a threat!



Don Feder gets the hammer on the nail.

Retired Judge Robert Bork believes that within two or three years "the Supreme Court of the United States will hold that there’s a federal constitutional right to homosexual marriage." Why not? It refused a petition for an injunction to stop the Massachusetts tribunal from legislating gay marriage. The Left’s triumph over representative government is almost complete. Liberals have turned the courts into an oligarchy that can overrule legislatures, blithely ignore the will of the people and amend the Constitution at will.Those gay weddings taking place in Massachusetts are also funerals -- for everything liberals once professed to believe in.



Sinn Fein/IRA’s Euro prospect for Northern Ireland, Bairbre de Brun (or Barbara Brown for those who don’t have to resort to Irish Gaelic in order to prove political points of the utmost futility), has laughingly called for the EU to implement ‘a comprehensive global justice agenda’. This, of course, emanates from a ‘party’ that denied over 1800 innocent people their access to any form of ‘justice.’ It is a measure of just how sick and twisted the political arena of Northern Ireland has become when a representative of a movement such as this can get away with spouting the most hypocritical, self-righteous drivel!!

Perhaps Barbara would care to elaborate on how Jean McConville or Jerry McCabe were allowed to access any form of ‘justice’ given that they were brutally murdered: the former for helping a wounded soldier, and the latter for simply executing his solemn duty as a defender of the law. The fact that a majority of Irish separatists will, in all probability, vote for this cabal of proto-fascists on June 10th just goes to prove how collectively shorn of morality and decency they are.

Andrew McCann


>> 23 May 2004


Here's a great story. It seems that the standard of teachers in big cities like Philly are much worse than YOU think.

Susan Snyder, Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer, in her article "District to Help Teachers Pass Test" (March 24, 2004) reported "that half of the district's 690 middle school teachers who took exams in math, English, social studies and science in September and November failed." Other test results haven't been released; Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said he understands "concerns that releasing the data could subject teachers to humiliation. ... "

Poor dears. It gets worse.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) compiles loads of statistics on education. The NCES "Digest of Education Statistics" Table 136 shows average SAT scores by student characteristics for 2001. Students who select education as their major have the lowest SAT scores of any major (964). Math majors have the highest (1174).

So now we know it is official that those who can-do. Those who can't, teach. Pity our children.



Did anyone else pick up the comments by the Israeli justice minister who declared that the IDF army offensive in Gaza reminded him of his family's woes in World War II. Poor old Yosef Lapid was almost moved to tears by the awful sight of the IDF trying to cleanse terrorists from the Rafah region. He gets things precisely wrong.



A further sickening example of leftist manipulation of the film world has manifested itself with the news that the odious Michael Moore has won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. For years we conservatives have been aware that the American film industry has been inundated with such types. However, the presentation of such a prestigious award is proof that the absence of fact, quality and overall professionalism are no longer barriers to achieving high accolades.

It matters not that the Palme d’Or award has been sullies in its status: it is an award that is now given to those who propound, or give succour to, the left-leaning ideological genres of the movie big-wigs; not to those whose films deserve recognition due to the sheer professionalism and brilliance of content.

Those who voted for Moore are the same deluded types who believe that a future President Kerry, the Democrat God of a liberal Valhalla, would be the man who could bring peace, love and fraternity among erstwhile enemies. These are the same emetic souls who believed that sacrificing much of the values of the pro-Union majority in Ulster was worthwhile in order to buy off insurrectionist Irish republican terror. Let’s just hope that the Americans will not go down the same pusillanimous path as the Spanish electorate did and allow a poisonous combination of leftist liberalism and downright terrorist evil to dictate who they elect as President in November.

Andrew McCann



I see that Irish separatism has become increasingly vitriolic in its opinions of the DUP. I am not the greatest fan of that party despite being a former member. However, they have a mandate from the pro-Union people not to engage with Irish separatism until such time as the latter has shorn itself of terrorist association. As a consequence of this principled stance, the Unionist people in general, and the DUP in particular, have been subjected to the usual criticisms, blandishments, sanctimonious victimhood and eternal whinging from the most ascetic journalistic hacks who fawn over Sinn Fein/IRA terror machine.

There is one simple lesson that every Unionist worth his salt must learn: sharing power over a part of the state with those whose raison d’etre is to destroy that same state is a recipe for protracted instability. There is no other key to the achievement of a so-called ‘united’ Ireland other than the allowance of separatism at the heart of Ulster’s governance. There are certainly no demographic or socio-economic paths to the separatists’ Nirvana. I trust that the pro-Union people, and indeed the DUP, will remember those salient facts when called upon to do so.

Andrew McCann



By Andrew McCann

This morning I arrived at my local church, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church in Halifax. Upon arrival I noticed that vandals had attempted to set fire to the building the night before. This church has been a common target for vandals over the last number of years. It would appear that the UK has degenerated into an ever-downward spiral of lawlessness that most other countries would baulk at.

Why it this the case? It is the case because for the last 40+ years, the most steadfast proponents of socio-disciplinary change have been, in the main, ‘wishy washy lefties’ who would rather see criminality rampant across the nation than support practical measures such as the physical chastisement of children and the adequate punishment of offenders. They would, instead, prefer to show ‘understanding’ of their motivations and proffer remedies for their wickedness. I find it amusing that so many of the liberal ilk argue that physical punishment serves no purpose, notwithstanding empirical evidence that counties who adopt such measures (Singapore being the quintessential example) have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.



Blogging is rather like marathon running - it is a singular pursuit that benefits if more than one participant is in it!

As I have said recently, I want to open up A TANGLED WEB to other challenging contributors. That is why I am pleased to announce that from today...Andrew McCann will be a regular contributor to the Web.

Andrew is a solid anti-Belfast Agreement Unionist, who has eloquently covered a wide range of political topics, frequently within the letters columns of the Belfast Telegraph. He recently left the Slugger O'Toole site feeling it was a place where strong Unionist views such as his (and mine) were increasingly unwanted.

He is very welcome here - and I hope he will add colour, interest and variety on a range of topics!



My consistent support for the US in it's quest to turn Iraq into a democratic beacon in the corrupt Middle East is undermined when I read this sort of story on MSNBC. It's not just that leftist media channels offer slavish praise on Brahimi - more on him in a moment - but it's this sort of comment from Colin Powell (who else?) that sets all the alarm bells ringing.

According to Colin Powell, Brahimi is making steady progress choosing the people who will serve in the new government. (So, the UN will be running the show by proxy) The diplomat has been working closely with Iraqis and with Robert Blackwill, an aide to national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, to come up with acceptable names. Powell said Thursday that once Brahimi brings forward his slate of officers, the Bush administration will take it to the Security Council and Annan, “for all of us to take a look at and examine the quality of these individuals.”

So who is this great man Brahimi on which the very future of Iraq rests? Well, the ever excellent David Warren has him well sussed. Here is a brief excerpt;

"As the envoy of the Arab League in October 1989, he conned the Lebanese Christian prime minister, Michel Aoun, into accepting the "temporary" Syrian occupation of his country. Mr. Brahimi was the author of the Taif Agreement, which then permanently legitimated this occupation of Lebanon, by a Syrian Ba'athist regime which remains among the most murderously evil that exists.

As U.N. envoy to Afghanistan in 1997-99, Mr. Brahimi allowed his "peace brokering" between Taliban and Northern Alliance to be used as a front for the Taliban and Al Qaeda to launch a successful surprise military thrust into Northern Alliance territory."

Get the picture? No - try this?

"There is no doubt that the great poison in the region is the Israeli policy of domination and the suffering imposed on the Palestinians, as well as the perception by the body of the population in the region, and beyond, of the injustice of this policy and the equally unjust support of the United States for this policy."

By allowing US State and Colin Powell in particular to prostrate US policy to people like Brahimi - the Bush doctrine will go swiftly to hell in a basket.



The National Audit Office reports that £53 million of our taxpayer's income has been lost on fraud or error! This is the money that Government creams off from our NIC and then uses to fund the parasite sector. Once again the Government shows its utter incompetence in managing our money and those thousands of theiving fraudsters whose life is all about stealing money from the wealth generating private sector get on what they do best. I suppose with fraud up almost 50% up on last year it does demonstrate that the public sector is able to show growth! Even if it is the worst sort.



Confirming their hatred of the Bush administration, the award of the Palm D'or to Michael Moore's cartoon "Fahrenheit 9/11" is hardly a surprise! Americans who are professional abusers of their own country (and Moore is par excellence at this) always get rewarded by the Axis of weasel. Moore is so far gone as to be beyond additional comment other than only the French and the BBC take him seriously. Quelle surprise - it's enough to put a surrender monkey of his cheese.



So, the main Irish opposition Party, Fine Gael, has urged the Government to cancel the forthcoming visit of US President Bush.

Bernard Durkan, the Fine Gael chief whip, confirmed that his party is increasingly concerned with the war in Iraq. “It has turned into a sordid, appalling, barbaric, sick mess but also an embarrassment to a lot of Americans and Europeans,” He added that Bush’s position as commander-in-chief of US forces was an emerging problem for this visit.

Just one moment! The only sordid barbaric sick mess that I see is quisling nations like Ireland that stood by and did NOTHING during Saddam's years in power now taking the opportunity to criticise from afar. These same Nations, like Ireland, lacked the guts to send in their "soldiers" (and I use the word loosely) to put their money where the mouth was when it came to the issue of human rights in Iraq under Saddam, and showed not even the remotest sense of moral clarity in the war against Jihadistan.

Bernard Durkan is just one more empty-headed leftist who is looking for pre-Euro election kudos by bashing Bush. He makes me sick.


>> 22 May 2004


On a site like this, I try to cover a range of political matters. I do this on a daily basis and try to inject some wit, some controversary and some dissent into the debate. The feedback comments are here as a vehicle for readers to interreact with the opinions posted, usually mine! Sometime I read some the carping dirges posted and wonder why people bother. Thankfully, and this is what I enjoy most about this site, more often the comments are interesting, thoughtful and merit response. So for every time waster that posts crap - and they know who they are - there are others who are a pleasure to read. So sincere thanks to those who make an effort and as for those who don't.....!

A TANGLED WEB blog has followed on from A TANGLED WEB CO.UK - and as we enter the end of the first five months of it - I am very pleased with progress made.

That said, I want more. I want additional contributors - I want more features - I want to make everything about it better. So for those of you who have stuck with it - I really appreciate your tenacity - I promise to do my best to make this web more a daily visit.



Did anyone read this letter by Ulster Unionist Tom Hamilton on the topic of flag flying? Tranlates: S-Q-U-E-A-K. Let's hope the Council entertainment budget can stretch to extra cheese for these wimps.



Question: How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: It doesn't matter because they'll still remain in the dark!

By Ed Daly!

In World War II, a passer-by, lost in London's main official thoroughfare of Whitehall, stopped a military officer and asked him which side the Defense Department was on. The officer thought for a moment and then said: "Well, it's hard to be sure, but our side, I hope."

by John O'Sullivan



"A majority of college professors across the country are registered Democrats, most of whom end up teaching in disciplines where politics matter the most, a new survey released by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the American Enterprise Institute shows. The survey found: At the University of Maryland, of the 69 professors whose political affiliations were located, 59 were registered as Democrats and 10 as Republicans. At the University of Colorado at Boulder, 116 of the professors whose party registrations could be established were Democrats and five were Republicans. At Brown University, 54 professors whose political affiliations showed up in primary registrations last year were Democrats, compared with three Republicans. At Harvard University, of the 52 professors whose affiliations were found, 50 were registered Democrats and two were Republicans. At the University of California at Santa Barbara, a sample of 72 arts and sciences professors were registered Democrats and one was Republican. At the University of Texas at Austin, of the 109 professors whose political affiliations were found, 94 were Democrats and 15 were Republicans."

Whilst this provides devastating insight into the outrageous BIAS in US academia, I would love to establish what the UK position is. Do you think we suffer from the same liberal-left BIAS? I tend to think so, as to admit to holding Conservative-type views in the UK is akin to admitting to be a child-murderer.



Quote of the week...

"You would have thought that the discovery of an actual weapon of mass destruction in Iraq would be big news, especially since it was aimed at American soldiers. But apparently not in the eyes of most U.S. newspaper editors and network television producers, who chose largely to ignore one of the major stories coming out of Iraq this week." --Linda Chavez

From the ever-excellent Federalist.


>> 20 May 2004

The Friday Essay


Ever since 9/11, the United States has been able to rely on the constant support of the United Kingdom in the war against the Jihadists. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has stood side by side with President Bush in the heat of this battle. However could this all be about to suddenly change? Will the UK be uncoupled from the USA and could this represent the death knell for the Coalition against terrorism? To lose Spain was unfortunate but to lose Britain would be a calamity!

During recent weeks, the liberal media in the UK, led by the British Broadcasting Corporation, has been waging a relentless and fervent campaign to get Tony Blair to resign. His alleged crime? That he supports the United States war aims! For the first time Blair seems truly vulnerable and talk of who will succeed him dominates the air-waves. The strain is showing on Blair and his political survival is no longer taken as a certainty.

It is important to recall that ever since 9/11, the received wisdom in UK media circles (both right and left wing) is that President Bush is a simple-minded cowboy who has been led by big business into recklessly indulging in illegal war-mongering. Amongst the simpering intelligentsia that infests the media there is a unity of belief that “sophisticated dialogue” is the only way to resolve problems.

When Blair cut a deal with the Irish terrorist group, the IRA, that propelled their political propagandists into the Government of Northern Ireland, he was hailed as a Statesman. When he now refuses to accommodate militant Islamic terrorists he is damned for being a “Bush’s poodle”. Remember that appeasement has a long and dishonourable record in the UK media - extending back as far as cheer-leading for the infamous Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” arrangement with Hitler. Some things never change.

So the expectation that the UK media would support the prosecution of the war against terrorism was always improbable. Thus it has proven. Blair’s own political organisation, the Labour Party, is left-of-centre and has always been deeply unhappy that Blair did not join up with Chirac and Schroeder in a trinity of European treachery. Several prominent Labour Party members, such as Clare Short are foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Americans, and specifically –anti-Republican. Whilst Clinton and his sleazy friends held the White House they were able to conceal their contempt for the US, but with his exit, off came the gloves.

In recent days, Blair’s former Foreign Secretary and UN apologist Robin Cook has urged his former boss to pull UK troops out of Iraq straightaway. Twisting the knife in he says, “Mr Blair’s proximity to the US President, in the wake of torture allegations against US troops, is endangering British soldiers.” The sheer stupidity of Cook’s comments is left unchallenged in the UK. No one, for example, has pointed out that it is the weak-kneed equivocation of politicians like Cook that has emboldened the terrorists and motivated them to kill our troops. The blood is on their hands.

There is also growing rebellion amongst Blair’s parliamentary colleagues who seek to restrain him sending further military reinforcements to Iraq. With a UK election fast approaching, many of those politicians with marginal seats seem to believe that their chances of re-election will be enhanced if Blair goes. Their pragmatic desire to get re-elected at any cost is symptomatic of the moral malaise in the UK.

The fevered speculation amongst the chattering class is that Tony Blair will be gone by the end of the year and replaced by his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. Brown is a dyed-in-the red-wool socialist who commands the support of the extreme left, the Trade Unions, and the media elite. Whilst he is known to be generally pro-American, it is considered that he will have to move to distance the UK from the US. Make no mistake the link will be broken.

A recent poll has shown that as a consequence of sustained media hysteria, almost half the electorate now want Blair to quit. 46% of voters surveyed indicated that Blair cannot be trusted and only two in five voters now support UK presence in Iraq. A daily diet of unremitting bad news stories (we have no Fox News in the UK!) is shifting the population to a set of political views inimical to those held by Blair.

Let us be clear; in many ways, Tony Blair deserves to go. His wanton destruction of the UK constitution since he came to power in 1997 has been unpardonable. His determination to transplant the United Kingdom into the European Union and thus submerge our ancient freedoms in a European constitutional quagmire alarms every conservative-minded voter. His failure to stop the growing public sector and his bungling of the economy is further reason for his departure!

But on the single greatest issue of our times, the war against terrorism, he has shown quiet resolve and genuine leadership. He has faced down a siren chorus within his own Party. He has held firm as the British press screams for his scalp. This is therefore not the time for Blair to go anywhere.

If the ever sceptic UK media prevails Britain will dump Blair, withdraw its troops from Iraq, distance itself from the United States, and embrace the axis of weasel. Bin Laden will have won a tremendous victory. Tyranny will have been seen to triumph over liberty and all because the modern media is no longer capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. The great British philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin declared that “Scepticism, driven to extremes, defeats itself by becoming self-refuting” Let us pray he is right.



Have a look at this. In one of my last threads on Slugger, I entered into a debate on the nature of Al Jazeera. The notion was being posited that this Station was a kind of Radio 2 of the Arab world. Check out the "cartoon" and tell me what you think.

Furthermore, reader Marcus has advised me that Al Jazeera.net is in no way connected to the bad Al Jazeerah.info.

So let's look at the headline on Al Jazeerah.net Here we read about the courageous "resistance" leader Marwan Barghuthi. Saluting this proud hero of Palestinian "resistance" (sic) the good Al Jazeera.net relates our boy Marwan claiming "I am against killing innocent people. But I am proud of the resistance against the Israeli occupation." No word on what the victims of his "resistance" thought - funny enough.

Trouble is, that as far as Al Jazeera.net's pin-up boy Marman an Israeli court ruled today that Barghouti was directly responsible for a January 2002 terror attack on a gas station in the Jerusalem suburb of Givat Ze'ev in which Israeli Yoela Chen was murdered. The attack, the judges said, was carried out at his direct order. Barghouti was also convicted for directing a June 2001 attack in which a Greek monk was murdered in the Jerusalem suburb of Ma'aleh Adumim. He was also convicted of approving the March 2002 attack on Tel Aviv's Seafood Market restaurant in which three people were murdered, as well a car bomb attack in Jerusalem." So much for resistance - translates barbaric murderer.

I bet the IRA are sick that they didn't have the Irish version of Al Jazeera.net. Just imagine..al Bejeejus.net. Just think, "Irish Resistance Fighter's blow up workers Mini-bus at Tee-bane - what choice did they have?" Hang on though..they did have the BBC.

Wonder if it is coincidence that Al Jazeera was set up by ex-BBC folks ????



I enjoyed reading this report on the recent meeting between Jean Francois Kerry and the legendary Ralph Nadar. Best quote came from the Nadar camp who said they intend, " to put the focus on the human race not the presidential horse race." Way to go Ralph - you tell 'em! Are these guys losers or what?



So the Fire Brigade members are on an unofficial strike again. Apparently they are only answering 999 calls. So much for their public duties. In my opinion, the Government should get tough with these dinosaurs. They either accept modernisation or ship out. They're on the public payroll and they have no right to put our lives at risk in pursuit of their narrow selfish agenda. However the Labour Government is looking at a General Election in the next 12 months and thus weak-minded compromise with the militant Union is most likely.


Israel rebuked...

And so..the UN Security Council once again condemns Israel. This time the "war crime" is that the IDF seeks out and dismantles the underground network of tunnels used by the peace-loving Palestinians for smuggling in their weapons of mass destruction from Egypt. One expects little else from Annan and the kleptocrats around him. However I note Colin Powell's latest belly-aching remarks. Pathetic. If Bush does lose in November it will be because of those like Colin Powell who are so entranced with the nuances of diplomacy that they overlook issues like the Hamas press conference featuring the decapitated skull of a dead Israeli soldier. No UN motions on that one. No condemnation of Arafat. Just the usual stream of anti-Semite abuse we have come to expect from the UN.



The sun is out, the sky is blue...I feel a song coming on!

Waking up to such a beautiful day, and then listening to the BBC "Today" programme, is just not a good idea.

Each morning, Bin Laden's channel of choice (after Al Jazeera) churns out it's extreme anti-US anti-Israel and pro-Jihadist views.

So, between 6.30-7.30am this mornnig we were treated to items on;

MORE photo's from Abu Ghraib. No mention of the Nick Berg video's.

Accusations that the US had "deliberately" bombed an Iraqi wedding party. They didn't.

Accusations that Israel had "deliberately" murdered Palestinians. They didn't.

It's like a radio version of Pravda. I like the way Melanie Phippip's refers to it as the British Quisling Corporation. (and there was me thinking I was the only one using words like Quisling and Vichy!!)


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