>> 23 Feb 2004


The outrageous leftist bias that permeates the UK media is exemplified in this report from the BBC on the latest terrorist car bomb attack in Iraq.

First off, note Barbara Plett's use of the word "collaborators" to describe those Iraqis who wish to establish law and order. The word "collaborator" is charged with emotional content and is self-evidently not neutral. These people are Islamic Jihadists and it is time the media stopped propagandising for them.

The note the use of the term "Iraqi resistance" to describe the terrorists. Are they Iraqis, Barbara? Are you sure that they are not foreign Jihadists? Can you explain how it is that suicide bombing hitherto unknown in Iraq suddenly kicks in with the arrival of men from Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine?

Goebbels understood the value of propaganda in a war. So does Al Qu'eda. When useful fools like Barbara Plett echo the vocabulary of the Jihadist, what cost Iraqi freedom?


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