>> 29 Feb 2004


What exactly is the point of surveys like this that posit the idea that London is one of the worst capital cities in Europe in "quality of life" terms? Who is Mercer Human Resource Consulting and why are we supposed to accept their subjective indices? In my experience London is a vibrant exciting Capital that compares well with all the others. I admit that having a leftist Mayor such as Livingstone is bad for London, but people don't go there to see the Mayoral buffoon in his cocoon aby Tower Bridge. They go for the amazing history, the culture, the arts, the sport, the sense of being at the heart of what makes the UK tick. Zurich and Geneva are both fine cities but who can afford to live there. My Swiss friends all complain at the vast expense of living in these cities and relocate themselves elsewhere. The concept of a league for Cities is daft. It seems to me that there is much to celebrate in just about every major city, even Birmingham!


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