>> 19 Feb 2004


I was amused to read that a lady in England has valiantly tried to register two of her cows as voters. Alas, she was fined for her bother but her spirit is an inspiration to us all.

For some time, I have wondered what the prospects would be if I were to put forward "Dobbin - the traditional Unionist donkey that you can trust" in Upper Bann against incumbent MP David Trimble. My theory boils down to a nagging suspicion that it doesn't matter a jot what kind of ass you select as a candidate, if you wrap it in a Sash, release ludicrous Press Releases that you have no absolutely no prospect of ever fulfiling, and make sure it is seen on the 12th July by all the right brethern, then you have a really good prospect. So Dobbin "the Traditional Unionist who wants devolution Now" Donkey could yet be Trimble's surprise stalker candidate - waiting to kick his ass, so to speak.


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