>> 23 Feb 2004


The shocking reality of what terrorism actually does to human beings is vividly described in this eye-witness account of the immediate after-math of the suicide-bombing in Jersusaem today.

"Before me lay a corpse - I think a man's - crumpled and twisted, half on the pavement, half on the road. Its head - or the place where its head would have been - was rammed under the chassis, in front of the right rear wheel.

Perhaps it was the bomber's. I subsequently heard he had boarded the bus through the rear door - a door that was now nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, these attacks usually completely tear the killer apart. So maybe it was a passenger blown out of the window, or a pedestrian caught while walking by?

As my mind played strangely with these theories, I saw, a meter away, a naked, pale white leg, severed below the knee, toes curled, with shattered bones and blood vessels protruding from the gaping wound. The road around the bus was splotched with pieces of shredded flesh. Other, unrecognizable body parts, congealed on the hard, cold ground.

The yawning rear doorway revealed more orange, yellow and red flesh, lumps of bodies in the aisle between the seats. Near the front door, a portable pink cassette player lay on its side. Forensic personnel in white coveralls, dark red cloth booties covering their shoes and pink-stained disposable gloves shielding their hands, picked their way through the mix of metal and human debris

Whenever we hear fools like Cherie Blair or Jenny Tonge express their deep sympathies for the Palestinian psychopaths that create nightmare scenes like that described above, remember what the reality looks like. It helps keep a moral perspective.


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