>> 24 Feb 2004


Here is an excellent article that explains precisely why Israel has to build a fence between itself and Arafats murder kingdom.

I think the following lines are really on the spot:-

"On one side of the fence, there will be the free world, with elections, emancipated women, religious freedom, free markets, health care, education, hi-tech industries and safe and efficient buses that are pleasant to ride on.

On the other side, the Palestinian Arabs. There they will be free to honor-kill their daughters, oppress their women, force their Christians to emigrate, hate the West, despise equality, fear democracy, resist modernity and fire machine guns into the air every time a Jew is killed.

Only, after the fence is built, the Palestinians will not be able to do the killing themselves. They might want to, but they won't be able to. "

This is the argument that is rarely expressed in the Palestinian-friendly UK and Irish media. It's worth consideration if you seek a balanced view.


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