>> 24 Mar 2004


The visit by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair to see Mad Dog Ghadaffi has been seized upon by pro-Saddam apologists as one more weapon to beat Blair over the head with. The question is; Is Blair doing the right thing here by visiting Ghadaffi and thus bestowing some form of credibility upon the dictator? My sense is that this is the wrong time to be going within a continent of Muamaar. Furthermore I have great sympathy with Jim Swire whose daughter died so tragiclly on Pan am Flight 103. Libya has been far from honest in its alleged "admission" of culpability in that dreadful event and suspicions remain that Libya was merely doing the work for another terrorist country (Iran)

Of course no-one living in Northern Ireland is under any doubt that Blair is duplicitious in his dealings with terrorists. After all, he has tea and buns with the political proxies for Europe's largest group of terrorist's on a regular basis. We all understand what is meant by the Bush doctrine, but I posit that the Blair doctrine is rather more illusive and needs to be fully understood. It suggests that the world is divided into good and bad terrorists. The former are those that can be appeased (as in the IRA) whilst the latter are those that need to be further worked upon before an appeasement strategy can be put in place.


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