>> 27 Apr 2004


The Orwellian nomenclatured "Oversight Commissioner" of the PSNI, "You can call me Al" Hutchinson wins todays prize for the most grovelling Press release of the day with this little beauty. Please Sinn Fein, please join our Policing Board. We just can't make it work without you. Boo Hoo.

Is this the SAME Sinn Fein that featured so prominently in the IMC report into rampant paramilitarism? I think so. Here in Alice in Wonderland, the bad guys are molly-cuddled and waited upon whilst decent democrats are ignored. Maybe Al will next be urging the Taliban to join up with the new Afghanistan Government, and how about bringing those good ol' Ba'athist boys back intto Bagdad Government. You can call me Al, I'll call you an imbecile.


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