>> 24 Apr 2004


Here is a quote from Alan Dershowitz with which I fully concur:-

"Reasonable people can disagree about whether the decision to target

Yassin, Rantisi, Al-Sadr, Bin Laden, or any other terrorist is tactically

wise or unwise, or whether it will have the effect of reducing or

increasing the dangers to civilians. But no reasonable argument can be

made that the decision to target these combatants - these terrorist

commanders - is unlawful under the laws of war or under international law.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was simply wrong when he declared

that targeted assassinations of this kind - specifically referring to the

killing of Yassin and Rantisi - are unlawful and in violation of

international law. And he knows it because his own government has

authorized the killing of terrorist leaders who threaten British


Too true.


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