>> 21 Apr 2004


Today see the release of Mordecai Vanunu from prison. It is not just in Israel but around the world where this wretch is being lauded by fellow leftist travellers and Israel-haters. Here's an excerpt from Steven Plaut's take on it.

"The Israeli Left is celebrating the release from prison of its great

hero, Mordecai Vanunu, who had been in prison after being convicted for

espionage. The Left is being more and more open about endorsing and

promoting treason. The same leftists promote insurrection in the Israeli

military. They denounce Israel all over the world as a "Fascist" or

"apartheid" state. They justify Arab terrorism and Islamofascism. And they

have now adopted Vanunu as their role model.

The Bash-Israel Left has been trying to claim that Vanunu was nothing more

than a man of conscience opposed to nuclearization of the Middle

East. That is nonsense. Vanunu wanted to release Israeli nuclear secrets,

and his leftist cheerleaders want Israel to abandon nuclear weapons,

because these nukes make it harder for the Arab fascists to destroy

Israel. In other words, Vanunu and his cheerleaders simply would like to

see Israel annihilated, and the nukes make this more difficult.

Not convinced? Well, consider this. The very same man of conscience,

Vanunu, who supposedly just thinks nukes are naught and nasty, DENOUNCED

Israel when it obliterated the Iraqi nuclear plant back in 1981. I guess

he opposes nuclear facilities only when they are not being used to help

create an Islamic nuclear bomb."

Visit Stevens site and read the full article. You won't get this insight in the Euro-weenie media - they're too busy pushing Vanunu for a Nobel Peace Prize for his traitorous behaviour. He is always worth a read!


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