>> 20 Apr 2004


The absolutely ridiculous International Monitoring Commission (IMC) has been very busy in recent days...leaking it's own report due to be made public today. It transpires that all the paramilitary gangs have been as active as ever..shock horror! Yes, the IRA was directly responsible for the Tohill attempted kidnap, and yes, the UVF and UDA are up to their rotten necks in every form of rancid criminality. And the tough consequences for this? Well, had the Assembly been sitting, it is likely that Sinn Fein and the PUP might have been suspended "for a few weeks." Wow, that'll teach 'em. Seeing as how even this limp punishment is not open due to the current suspension, the IMC has suggested that Sinn Fein and the PUP might be "fined." This is unlikely to come out of MLA salaries, god forbid, instead their Party allowances (expenses) might be reduced a bit, for a while. It's unclear what the financial penalty is going to be, or how much a murder costs compared to say, a knee-capping or a crucifixion. The economists will need to work out the punitive value of a bludgeoning with a baseball bat compared to a battering with an iron bar. Who said that the IMC was a complete waste of time? Oh yes, me.


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