>> 24 May 2004


Thought Doc Rampage sums things up nicely here.

"The difference in a nut shell: the left believes that the measure of a society is how well it produces good people. The right thinks that the measure of a society is how well it controls bad people. To the left, if a society has bad people that need to be controlled, then it is a failure already. To the right, society has little impact on how good a person is, it can only control their more harmful actions."

and also,

"When the right congratulates themselves for a war with few civilian casualties, the left views them as being callous to the casualties that did occur. But what the left misses is that the right doesn't believe that there were any better alternatives, any solutions that would have led to fewer deaths of the innocent. Once you decide that you can't prevent all tragedy, it is simply reasonable, not callous, to work toward minimizing the scope of the tragedy and to be happy when you do a good job at minimizing it."

Amen to that!


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