>> 23 May 2004


By Andrew McCann

This morning I arrived at my local church, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church in Halifax. Upon arrival I noticed that vandals had attempted to set fire to the building the night before. This church has been a common target for vandals over the last number of years. It would appear that the UK has degenerated into an ever-downward spiral of lawlessness that most other countries would baulk at.

Why it this the case? It is the case because for the last 40+ years, the most steadfast proponents of socio-disciplinary change have been, in the main, ‘wishy washy lefties’ who would rather see criminality rampant across the nation than support practical measures such as the physical chastisement of children and the adequate punishment of offenders. They would, instead, prefer to show ‘understanding’ of their motivations and proffer remedies for their wickedness. I find it amusing that so many of the liberal ilk argue that physical punishment serves no purpose, notwithstanding empirical evidence that counties who adopt such measures (Singapore being the quintessential example) have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.


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