>> 30 May 2004


Well, I've been saying that the rush by the US to involve Lakdar Brahimi in Iraq was going to be a disaster and looks like Geo-Strategy Direct agrees with this view! In a very insightful article, it suggests that "The appointment (of Brahimi) appears to be part of a scenario in which the United States plans to order troops home after a general election in Iraq by the end of the year. Under this scenario, Iraq will have had its election, the United States will have declared victory and the only losers may be those who hope for Iraqi and Arab democracy."

Tangled Web readers will already know a little about Brahimi if they have been keeping up mto date on my postings. Whilst he is praised by Colin Powell we should consider the following new update on his thinking...

"Brahimi has made it clear he opposes removing Baathists from power. He said U.S. efforts to remove the Baathists from government, schools, police and the military have been extreme. The 2 million Baathists in Iraq carried out Saddam's policy of torture, death and deportation. The only criteria for government jobs was Baathist membership.

In Saddam's world, there were no technocrats. As a result, the U.S. military was ordered to release Iraqi terrorists and criminals en masse from Abu Gharib prison. Saddam's former generals and troops were given the keys to Fallujah, the heart of the Sunni insurgency against the U.S.-led coalition."

So let Brahimi have the upper hand and all has been in vain. It will be a victory for Saddam, for the UN, and for all the Ba'athist barbarians who ran the torture state of Iraq.


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