>> 24 May 2004


So let me get this right. After extensive consultation with the general public, and after it became clear that the public wish to see some form of academic selection, the Government decided to abolish academic selection.

The BBC REPORTS that Government is to proceed with plans to scrap academic selection in grammar schools in Northern Ireland. Education minister Barry Gardiner was responding to a newspaper advert paid for by former grammar school pupils opposed to the recommendations of the Costello Group. The Confederation of Grammar Schools' Former Pupils' Association was set up to lobby for the retention of academic selection and other related issues, after it was announced in January that the 11-plus would be scrapped.

This ideological cesspit of a Government is out to destroy that which makes Northern Ireland's academic system so excellent. Dumb down in the name of equality, confident that the Parasite sector and its handmaidens in the Unions will support you.


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