>> 26 May 2004


As politicians of all hues queue to gain our endorsement to the European Parliament next month, here is an excellent article exposing the greed and corruption that has become symbolic of Euroland. This is my fave excerpt;

An Irish legislator, John Joseph McCartin, waited at 7:59 a.m. to register for his daily payment in Strasbourg so that he could catch a 9:30 a.m. flight home. When the registry did not open in the next few minutes, he signed a piece of paper and rushed out, telling Martin, "Seven minutes is a lot to lose."

Please note that Paisley is also not spared a savage indictment!

On our exciting poll, by the way, I am entertained to see that Jim Alister is perceived by our illustrious voters on A TANGLED WEB as the worst Euro candidate. Clearly this experienced Barrister lacks the silver-tongued roguish charm of Farmer Jim Nicholson, or the dark paramilitary connections of Sinn Fein - but give the guy a break. Come on DUP'ers - can't you support your man????


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