>> 28 May 2004

Irish Separatism's True Colours Exposed

Limavady Borough Council in Northern Ireland has just voted to ban the flying of the Union Flag from council property. The motion was proposed by Sinn Fein/IRA councillors - a move that should come as no surprise as fascism rarely tolerates any thoughts or expressions of affiliation that do not tally with its narrow parameters of ideological 'acceptability'.

Irish separatism's onslaught against the flying of the national flag (the flag of the state to which 63% of Northern Ireland's populace expressed affinity in the latest poll) has its genesis in the 'equality' provisions of the Belfast Agreement. They argue - erroneously as usual - that the term 'equality' means that the Irish Tricolour should fly alongside the Union Flag, or else no flags should fly whatsoever. Let's review the facts again.

Firstly, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. It is a position that rests upon the provisions of international, European, British and Irish law, in addition to the consent of its people. The Head of State is the Queen and the flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Flag. Those fundamental positions are not changed one iota by any chapters on 'equality' and 'rights' in the Belfast Agreement. Period!!

Secondly, there was no objection raised in a recent survey among the council workers to the presence of the Union Flag on council buildings. This despicable ban has far more to do with the internal electoral battles between the 'acceptable' face of Irish separatism, the SDLP, and its murdering counterpart, Sinn Fein/IRA.

Yet another example of why power sharing must never again be countenanced as a method of governance in the Province. Irish separatism will simply pocket the benefits of power whilst seeking to eat away the fabric of Ulster's stability from within. The British State has been attempting to conciliate Irish nationalism since the mid-19th Century and has failed to do so. Let's hope that same state realises the folly of attempting to propitiate those who will not be satisfied short of total constitutional victory. And that is simply not on the cards!


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