>> 23 May 2004


A further sickening example of leftist manipulation of the film world has manifested itself with the news that the odious Michael Moore has won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. For years we conservatives have been aware that the American film industry has been inundated with such types. However, the presentation of such a prestigious award is proof that the absence of fact, quality and overall professionalism are no longer barriers to achieving high accolades.

It matters not that the Palme d’Or award has been sullies in its status: it is an award that is now given to those who propound, or give succour to, the left-leaning ideological genres of the movie big-wigs; not to those whose films deserve recognition due to the sheer professionalism and brilliance of content.

Those who voted for Moore are the same deluded types who believe that a future President Kerry, the Democrat God of a liberal Valhalla, would be the man who could bring peace, love and fraternity among erstwhile enemies. These are the same emetic souls who believed that sacrificing much of the values of the pro-Union majority in Ulster was worthwhile in order to buy off insurrectionist Irish republican terror. Let’s just hope that the Americans will not go down the same pusillanimous path as the Spanish electorate did and allow a poisonous combination of leftist liberalism and downright terrorist evil to dictate who they elect as President in November.

Andrew McCann


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