>> 26 May 2004


Check this out from Steven Plaut;

"Well the numbers are in. Remember how the media invented a mass

murder, genocide, war crimes story regarding Jenin last year, after which it

turned out only 20 Palestinians people had been killed in the city

battle?Palestinian statistics are back. The media is whining about how

those insensitive Israelis destroyed "thousands" of Palestinian homes, and

put "thousands" of Palestinian families from Rafah on the streets.

It turns out, only 56 houses were demolished, all because they were being

used to threaten the movement of Israeli patrols along the border with

Egypt and to snipe at Israelis, and most of these housed those very same

ghouls who stole and defiled the body parts of the murdered Israeli


Given the howls of outrage from the Nazi's in the UN and the BBC, one would

have thought an Atomic bomb had been dropped on the residents of the Gaza smuggling network.


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