>> 25 May 2004


I laughed at the latest pathetic attempt by the UUP to create the impression that they are now united! Trimble has appointed the silver-tongued suave urbane Roy Beggs as Chief Whip in Westminster (Don't mention the dump, eh Roy) and Montgomery Burns look-a-like Sir Reg Empey at Stormont. Both men are presented as having been "rivals" but now the pipe of peace has been smoked and all is well. Or so slabbering hacks like Chris Thornton would have us believe.

The truth is that Beggs is beyond parody (nice choice in tweed hats though) and Empey has given the terms wimp a whole new dimension. In truth, this "re-organisation" (just in time for the Euro-poll) merely demonstrates that the UUP is ever more pro-Agreement whilst the unionist electorate is ever more anti-Agreement. Thus these changes achieve nothing - rather like the Ulster Unionist Party itself.


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