>> 22 May 2004


"A majority of college professors across the country are registered Democrats, most of whom end up teaching in disciplines where politics matter the most, a new survey released by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the American Enterprise Institute shows. The survey found: At the University of Maryland, of the 69 professors whose political affiliations were located, 59 were registered as Democrats and 10 as Republicans. At the University of Colorado at Boulder, 116 of the professors whose party registrations could be established were Democrats and five were Republicans. At Brown University, 54 professors whose political affiliations showed up in primary registrations last year were Democrats, compared with three Republicans. At Harvard University, of the 52 professors whose affiliations were found, 50 were registered Democrats and two were Republicans. At the University of California at Santa Barbara, a sample of 72 arts and sciences professors were registered Democrats and one was Republican. At the University of Texas at Austin, of the 109 professors whose political affiliations were found, 94 were Democrats and 15 were Republicans."

Whilst this provides devastating insight into the outrageous BIAS in US academia, I would love to establish what the UK position is. Do you think we suffer from the same liberal-left BIAS? I tend to think so, as to admit to holding Conservative-type views in the UK is akin to admitting to be a child-murderer.


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