>> 29 Jun 2004

Hamstrung Hussein

'How are the mighty fallen' says the Book of Samuel. How indeed!! Saddam Hussein, once mighty tyrant of a country he enfeebled, is now to be brought before the world on charges of crimes against humanity. It is to be hoped his trial culminates in the death penalty, for no other punishment would suffice given the enormity of the crimes he perpetrated against the Iraqi nation.

None of this would have been possible without the intervention of the United States and its allies. Links between Hussein and Al Queda had been noted, but ignored; evidence of a weapons of mass destruction programme is real, not fabricated; the prospect of a destabilised Middle East all too potent had he been allowed to remain in power. That said, the mentally questionable 'San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair' brigade even now believes the USA to be a more corrosive presence on the international stage than the Iraq of old. As the allied forces continue to combat 'insurgents' for whom, in common with all terrorists, murder for the sake of murdering, we must not lose sight of the bigger long-term picture - a democratic polity with the firm application of the rule of law.


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