>> 29 Jun 2004

Here to Fight for Fisher and Wright

Mark Wright and James Fisher, the biggest scapegoats in British military history since Lord Chelmsford, are now subjected to the opinions of another 'independent' body highly critical of the army's decision to reinstate them following their incarceration for the slaying of Belfast teenager (and father of two!!!!), Peter McBride.

Any negativity, officious or otherwise, directed towards these men will undoubtedly provide extra grist to the mill for the republican juggernaut of inexhaustible MOPEry. McBride's mother, Jean, has been a virtuoso in a publicity-seeking arena saturated by terrorists far more proficient in the murder stakes than Fisher or Wright could even comprehend. For them (Sinn Fein/IRA), the blatant double-standards of clamouring for 'justice' for their own whilst, at the same time, contumeliously 'cocking a snook' at the relatives of the thousands they killed, are deftly swept aside as they seek hypocritical and ill-founded retribution.

I think it's best to provide a little context here. Fisher and Wright were convicted (wrongly in my view, given the circumstances and the stakes involved) of murder. It should be mentioned, at this juncture, that Derek Bentley and Timothy John Evans have also been convicted of 'murder' in a UK court. They (Fisher and Wright) have served a term in prison and now seek to rebuild their lives in a legitimate career offering a modest income. Conversely, Sinn Fein is stuffed to the rafters with murderers possessing a shockingly impressive tally of innocent human life; murderers who did not serve so much as one day in prison for the crimes they committed; and murderers who now earn a salary far and above the meagre incomes paid to Fisher and Wright, for participating in a 'peace process' largely designed to wean them away from a lifetime devoted to prolific slaying.

What do we hear the pietistical Mrs Wright about those disgraceful injustices? Absolutely nothing!! For as always, Irish republicans remain trapped in a chrysalis of one-dimensional victimhood: a world where only they have been wronged; where only their pain is real; and where only they think they are entitled to an apology coupled with eternal reparations. Judging by their voting habits over the last few elections, they are less aware of any world outside that jaundiced chrysalis than ever before. Let's hope another branch of officialdom has something to say about that in the near future.


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