>> 28 Jun 2004

A Sense of Priorities

For once I find myself nodding in approval at a policy proposal put forward by a Labour politician. Caerphilly MP, Wayne David, is introducing a ten-minute rule bill calling for enhanced powers for 'police community support officers.'

Notwithstanding the fact that I would rather see 'organ grinders' than 'monkeys' patrolling the streets of our town and cities - with authorisation to deal with bad behaviour and thuggery in, shall we say, a more physical manner - it is heartening to see a Labour MP wishing to address some of the consequences of Left-wing exercises in 'rights' and social liberalism. What I find upsetting is the almost non-existent chance of his rule bill becoming law in the foreseeable future.

Mind you, I shouldn't be surprised. When all is said and done, this is a government more concerned with venting its spleen over frivolous matters like foxhunting, and introducing bureaucratic regulations which only exacerbate its already maladroit handling of our public services, than it is with actually championing sensible ideas to improve the lives of everyday citizens.


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