>> 29 Jun 2004


If there were any longer any doubt as to the inability of the "Security

Wall" to protect Israeli children from Palestinian terror and fascism,

yesterday removed it. After some 300 attacks on Israel by the PLO using

Kassam rockets, none of which previously killed anyone, yesterday's attack

murdered a four year old toddler in the Negev town of Sderot and the

child's grandfather.

Such is the reward for Israel having exercised "restraint" and turning the

other cheek after each of the previous 300 rocket attacks. Thus goeth

the ridiculous leftist canon holding that the PLO will reach some sort of

emotional catharsis by firing rockets at Israel for a while and then

cooling down to make peace. SO much for the view that Israel can just

build a wall and then forget about them, without utilizing military

control of the ground on the other side of the fence.

"I have argued for years that Israel should massively

retaliate for each and every ATTEMPTED murder by the PLO as if the murder

actually "succeeded". My government thinks that would be insensitive and

offend the politically correct folks.

So what is my government offering instead? More talk about the RRH

doctrine. RRH stands for "realy really hard". After each atrocity, my

government threatens that if the attacks do not stop, Israel will respond

"really really hard". Apparently my government wants to defeat the

terrorists by making them laugh themselves to death.

SO how is the government responding to yesterday's double murder? By

threatening a RRH retaliation soon. Get ready for a new attack on an

empty PLO building at night."

by the ever readable Steven Plaut


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