>> 31 Jul 2004


I read this bit of nonsense in the Newsletter - it seems that Unionists (Vichy)Dermot Nesbitt and (pending Vichy?)Jeffrey Donaldson are arguing over who is, and who is not, socialising with IRA apologist Martin McGuinness in Donegal.

It strikes me that both men totally miss the point - they should be directing any ire or intelligence they may have (and that's a big IF) at McGuinness rather than behaving like a pair of spoilt children.

Why should a self-confessed IRA commander be having ANY input into political progression in Northern Ireland? The fact that a stupified section of nationalist opinion endorses McGuinness no more validates him than did the endorsement of the German people validate Hitler and his pals. I have noted some of Jeffrey's reported comments with alarm - it seems to me that the DUP are on a continual retreat from positions once held sancrosanct. Will they do a deal to suit the Provo's - my bet is YES.


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