>> 29 Jul 2004



I noticed on a recent comment thread on A TANGLED WEB that Mark McGregor of Slugger O'Toole renown has decided to revise history a little - so, in the interests of balance and fairness - and I do so hope Mark reads this - I thought I'd address his little jibes.


First off, Andrew McCann is particularly welcome on A TANGLED WEB because he offers terrific provocative comment.  That these are pro-Union is great - he writes well, covers a range of political comment, and is a great asset to the pro-Union argument. The fact that Andrew felt his views were stymied by pro-Republican bias on Slugger should give Mark reason for thought - not more cheap comments.



Second, I would have thought that even my sternest critics accept the fact that I debate my corner! I do it in print, on air, wherever!! What I don't, and won't do, is to engage in circular argument that goes in pointless circles. I found that certain Slugger threads reached this debating nadir, and thus were, literally, pointless.


So Mark can think as he wishes - that is his right. Self-delusion is not a crime - but perhaps he should think twice before claiming it as a virtue?


Mark is always welcome here on A TANGLED WEB - but maybe he should leave petty prejudice at the door before entering.


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