>> 30 Jul 2004



Beardie behemoth Michael Moore was on with Bill O'Reilly the other night. You can read the transcript here. I think O'Reilly missed a chance to nail these bloated fantasist and am glad to see that Rush Limbaugh has picked up on the key point here. Moore veers, characteristically, into the lame-brain liberal zone that asserts President Bush sent "kids to die." Rush sets the record clear. I quite like Bill O'Reilly, and think he is on the side of the angels in general - but Rush really sorts out Moore. Best line from Rush as follows;  


"Bush sends no one to die. The Palestinians send their kids to die. The Palestinians strap bombs on their kids and send them into civilian areas in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with the express purpose of having those explosives blow up and kill not only the kids, but as many innocent civilians as possible nearby. That is "sending your kids off to die."


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