>> 29 Aug 2004


'Kristelnacht', on 9th November 1938, represented one of the most shockingly evil moments of Nazi rule. It symbolised the intensification of Nazi efforts to crush the Jewish people in Hitler's Germany. If we move the chronological clock forward to 2004, we see a analogous series of events perpetrated by republicans on the Unionist people of Northern Ireland.

Of course there are those who would roundly condemn me for being so blatant in my analogies, but the underlying aim of the Nazis and their contemporary brethren in the apostolic school of Irish republicanism is exactly the same, even if their methods and degree of intimidation differ. Over recent weeks we have had a whole new series of urban thoroughfares where Protestant feet have been unwelcome; we have seen Orange Halls burnt to the ground; people have been forced to move from North Belfast's Torrens estate due to republican intimidation; another series of nationalist protests against Unionist culture have continued apace; Mitchell McLaughlin has castigated the NIO for allegedly following a 'Unionist agenda' (whatever the hell that may mean!); and the Narrow Water memorial to victims of another IRA slaughter has been vandalised.

If the members and disciples of Sinn Fein/IRA were simply open about what they really are - odious, intolerant, terrorist-loving cretins who have about as much right to live on God's clean earth as an amoeba, then the rest of us would know where we stand. However, when their insatiable desire to extirpate even the smallest minutiae of British culture from the island of Ireland is disguised beneath woolly terms such as 'an Ireland of equals', then the ire provoked by such hypocrisy raises the blood pressure ever so slightly.

Summarily, we are faced with a situation where republicans demand a role in co-piloting the good ship 'Ulster', when all they really want to do is to plough it into the iceberg of republican constitutional aspirations and drown every Unionist passenger into the bargain. If I was the captain of the ship, my response to republican requests would be to go forth and urinate. Peter Robinson please take note.


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