>> 18 Sep 2004

Benefit of the Dowd?

At the last US Census, the population of New York City was around 8 million people. The Irish Voice, a pro-republican rag sold in the greater New York area, has a weekly circulation of approximately 5,000 copies. Yet it sets itself up as the primary voice of the 18-million strong Irish Catholic community in Uncle Sam, as if to con us all into thinking that the paper's appalling viewpoints are roundly indicative of broad Irish American opinion.

In this week's publication, Sinn Fein Homecoming Queen, Niall O'Dowd, exhorts the players at Leeds Castle to come up with a comprehensive deal to reward IRA pestilence. He goes on to salivate at the possibility of HM Government forging a deal in the absence of consent from the majority community (what an idiot!). What I find amusing is imagining how O'Dowd would have wanted to path of warfare between 1939 and 1945 to be conducted. Could you imagine his headline story:

'Churchill and Hitler: A Chance to Make History' - by Niall O'Dowd

Today, British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler met in a secret location in the Ardennes. At stake was the very future of Nazism. Hitler, in return for the withdrawal of all Allied Forces from mainland Europe, promised 'a comprehensive and holistic package dealing with all the outstanding issues of Jewish extermination, concentration camps, the creation of an Aryan race and the metamorphosis of the Gestapo from a authoritarian murder outfit into an old soldiers commemorative union.' Hitler did not include the total cessation of any of the above atrocities, but his offer of a symbolic gesture in return for virtual Allied surrender, gives us all hope that a new dawn of peace is emerging in war-ravaged Europe. Speculation surrounds news that Eamonn de Valera was instrumental in seeking a compromise between the British and German leaders.

For those among us earnestly praying for no deal at Leeds, the rantings of O'Dowd, one of the greatest apologists of republican aspirations, are testimony as to how desperate nationalist Ireland has become in its efforts to disfigure democracy in a part of the United Kingdom.


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