>> 10 Sep 2004


The DUP is morphing into UUP lite (but with brains and unity) before our very eyes as it prepares to enter the "intensive talks process " in England next week aimed at restoring the Stormont Assembly.

The stomach wrenching suggestion that the DUP has put forward - that there be separate votes for First and Deputy first minister so that unionists vote for their candidate and nationalists vote separately for their choice- is pure Robinsonian. It prepares the ground for their rotten "Corporate" Assembly model to eventually get off the ground whilst they maintain the comical charade that they will NEVER, yes NEVER vote directly for a Sinn Fein/IRA Deputy First Minister. How sweet.

Like squirming worms, the DUP appear to want to get into power at any price.

Unionist politicians, in my general experience, are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Most of them are donkeys, prepared to travel to any destination if the perks are right. The DUP and UUP ranks are stacked with these journeymen. At the top of both Parties can be found the Organ grinders. These are the people who want power - and who aren't afraid to muddy waters to get their way. The DUP are just as bad as this as the UUP. In both cases, loyalty to the crown in the pocket seems dominant.

So I'll not be holding my breath in the week's ahead waiting for unionists to show any wit or coherent principle. If the DUP can tolerate the likes of Martin McGuinness as the putative Deputy First Minister of the NI Assembly (so long as their fingerprints aren't on the voting record) - given his notorious history - then they can tolerate anything - including a United Ireland.

Let's see what time unveils.


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