>> 16 Sep 2004

Feeney Watch - 16.09.04

Just for once, I will give Bigoted Bri the benefit of the doubt. I will assume he is correct in his opinion on the DUP's steadfast refusal to share power with a collection of unapologetic, indiscriminate killers. What I find impossible to stomach is his arrogance in deriding the Unionist community for having fully woken-up to the consequences of sharing power with parties incompatible with peace and democracy.

Paisley's DUP has indeed become the majority voice of the majority. And why? Because democrats in general, and Unionists in particular, could no longer tolerate the elevation and augmentation of a party that had done more to cause everyday suffering across Northern Ireland than any other. Unionists were conned into thinking that granting Sinn Fein/IRA access to power whilst their guns pointed at everybody else's heads, would be the political equivalent of embrocation. Instead, it has rubbed the salt of unadulterated villainy into the wounds of victims the length and breadth of Ulster.

Then there's all this codswallop about 'equality.' We know BB is an expert at retreating into the trenches of repetitive soundbites concerning eternal nationalist MOPEry, but I'd like to know how he can talk about inequality whilst keeping a straight face. The Catholic middle-class continues to grow at an impressive rate; the differentials in unemployment are solely down to differing demographic profiles which have only recently begun to converge; some of the most prestigious areas of the Province are now classed as nationalist areas, etc. Still, for the likes of BB, equality will only ever come when the fundamental architecture of the United Kingdom has been tainted or obliterated under a cloak of separatist enfranchisement. If he seriously expects any Unionist to tolerate such a scenario, then he's spot on when he says: 'No reason to suppose it will be any different after Saturday.'


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