>> 15 Sep 2004


Having incurred the wrath of several ATW readers for my cynicism regarding so-called "Global Warming" I was entertained to read an excellent article on the topic by Michael Hanlon in the Mail today. It's not linked, but here are a few choice quotes in case you missed it,

"Is there any evidence that in recent years extreme weather events such as tropical storms are more frequent or severe? The answer is a categorical N0"

"Samples of sediment taken from the Lomonosov Ridge between Greenland and Siberia showed that 55 million years ago not only was their NO ICE in the Arctic but the waters would have been warm enough to swim in without a wet suit" (Maybe the Dinosaurs drove SUV's?)

"For all their posturing Tony Blair and Michael Howard may find that they have declared war on an enemy that doesn't exist and instead of weapons of mass destruction we have weather of mass deception".


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