>> 22 Sep 2004

Go for it, Mr Howard!

In one of the most sensible policy promotions for some considerable time, Conservative leader, Michael Howard has said any future Conservative government will crack down hard on illegal immigration. He rightly draws attention to the worrying trends on immigration and asylum which have left several UK cities resembling demographic pawn shops: open to anything and everything.

Doubtless the Left will jump up and down with frustration, claiming that the Conservatives are simply modern-day embodiments of fascism (an allegation easily discounted by the very fact of Howard's Jewish and East European ancestry). However, perhaps the acolytes of the Left would care to ask everyday British people what they think about the UK becoming a virtual cesspit for the world's rejects. Comparably few people at large would argue for a monocultural, mono-ethnic state (a scenario I would find very boring). On the other hand, the vast majority of people (I count myself among them) are now firmly of the opinion that immigration and asylum is way out of control, and in danger of creating a Powellite scenario of community disharmony in the coming years if something is not done now.

It is not racist or xenophobic to want to continue with the traditional and prevailing culture of Britishness. However, it does the immigrant communities who have contributed to our society an enormous disservice by pretending that indigenous members of the population will simply go on tolerating an open and flagrant abuse of reputed British hospitality.


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