>> 15 Sep 2004


Here's the nasty little secret that weenie liberal types don't like you to hear.

They don't give a toss about the world's oppressed, they only care about their narcissistic little selves. A great example of this was heard today on the utterly wretched BBC Radio 5 (EXTREME leftist)when some doe eyed LID-DEM politician whose name escapes me was trotting out the usual mantra about "I didn't vote for the US (SIC)occupation of Iraq and I think the only way forward is to let the UN get control." These weasel words were met with purring admiration.

Now, let's look at Darfur. Remember Darfur? Those UN boys have full control there and what's happening? GENOCIDE. And what's being done to stop it? Well, ehm, a VERY stiff resolution might be passed anytime very soon. Is that ALL? Yip.

So handing Iraq over to the UN makes perfect sense. To a Liberal. And a Jihadist.


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