>> 13 Sep 2004


"Now say someone comes to you looking for a job.

Right off the bat, you notice something strange about his rèsumè:

It goes on for page after page about a job he held for four months, more than 35 years ago, but makes only the barest mention of anything he's done since.

You have him in for an interview, and he can't give you a straight answer to any question about what he plans to do in the job if you hire him. ... Still, you decide to check out his references.

(John Edwards: "If you have any question about what John Kerry is made of, just spend three minutes with the men who served with him.")

Some sing his praises quite extravagantly, but a greater number describe him harshly as a man of dubious character, and some accuse him of lying on his rèsumè.

He acknowledges a few embellishments but refuses to provide you with documents that would shed light on the other accusations. Would you hire this man?

And would you fire an employee of four years' standing in order to create an opening for him?"

James Taranto - with thanks to the Federalist.


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