>> 19 Sep 2004


For some time, wild right wingers like me and Andrew have been warning of the real and growing danger posed by Iran. When George W. named it as a founder member of the axis-of-evil, he was RIGHT! However for some, it appears that the lessons of Iraq and North Korea have not been learnt. Hence their calls for the utterly useless United Nations to get involved and help sort out the issue of Iran and nuclear weapons. So the UN "tried" and gently asked Iran to cease it's uranium enrichment programme and it has got an answer from the Mad Mullahs.

"Iran will not accept any obligation regarding the suspension of uranium enrichment," chief nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani said.

These Mad Mullahs are serious guys. Iran is a major issue, it is a central part of the global web of terror. Some ATW contributors argue for the West to support internal opposition to the crazy clerics....but I think time is fast running out for this option. We're going to have to deal with Iran and the sooner George W. gets back into the White House, the sooner we will be able to get on with it. It's time for regime change..before a nuclear Iran emerges.


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