>> 16 Sep 2004


So, the conscience of the world (or bilious balloon, you decide) Kofi Annan has declared that the US liberation of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN Charter.

Several point on this.

1. Hey, isn't it great that Kofi can find the time to pontificate on this matter whilst the genocide continues in Karfur? It's all about PRIORITIES - right?

2. Wonder if he's had a chance to speak to his son, Kojo, about the tricky business of those Iraqi bribes for oil?

3. Do you think he's found out about which corrupt UN officials were involved in the UN-managed $100 billion dollar programme of bribes?

4. The Iraq war was moral, timely, successful and implemented the UN resolution 1441. Was that resolution "llegal"?

5. This human hot air balloon (there, I've made MY mind up on him!) is not worth a nanosecond of anyone's time. The left love him, and more importantly, what he stands for - World Government. I believe the UK and US should pull out of the UN - and that the US should stop bank rolling this organised hypocrisy.


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