>> 13 Sep 2004


Sometimes it is good to remember WHY terrorists, and their latter day propagandists, are repugnant and deserve to be brought to justice not to Executive Government.

These images make the point.

The link shows what terrorists really do to people. This is precisely HOW they bombed their way to the seat of power and these are the people they killed. Horrific. This is the background to it.Twelve people were incinerated when the Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein left a fire-bomb at "La Mon House", Gransha, a country hotel outside Belfast. Of the twelve people killed seven of the victims were women. All who died were attending the Annual dinner dance of the Irish Collie Club and were Protestant Civilians. Three married couples were amongst the dead. Over 400 people were packed into the La Mon hotel on the night of the bombing. Members of the Irish Collie Club and the Northern Ireland Junior Motorcycle Club were settling down to enjoy dinner dances at the popular hotel.

The Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein terrorist left petrol cans attached to window grills with meat hooks.

The horror, the terrible unreality of that night is hard to imagine. Guests stumbled out of the hotel or jumped out of windows with their hair and clothes on fire. Some victims, horribly burned, had skin hanging from them in strips. Others lost limbs in the blast. Survivors, their clothes in tatters, stumbled around the car park in shock. It was one of the most horrific and appalling attacks in the history of the troubles. Others trying to escape the horror, or taking victims to hospital, clogged roads leading from the hotel, making it difficult for the emergency services to get through. Two hours later, after firefighters had brought the blaze under control, the grisly task of removing the bodies began

I contend that those who carried out this barbarism are inhuman scum and should be made to pay for their crime. The nagging doubt I have is this week, are such monsters negotiating with Government for entry into Government?


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