>> 23 Sep 2004


Listening to BBC Radio Ulster this morning, I was disgusted to hear the vicious anti-American bashing of some Irish ex-UN guy, whose name I missed, using the pretext of how the Irish Government might now become involved to see if it can help bring about the release of Kenneth Bigley. Mr.Bigley's liverpudlian mother is...Irish by birth. Naturally, the local BBC bring up an Irish angle to a Baghdad situation.

It seems the Ireland had friendly relations with the Saddam dictatorship (What?) and may be able to use it's decades of acquired skills in negotiating with and understanding terrorists in this case.

It's time to nail a few of the outrageous slurs flying around in our hysterical media.

First, those who have kidnapped Bigley are not interested in "negotiation." They are interested in death. If Kenneth Bigley is murdered, it will be entirely the responsibility of those who kidnapped and kill him. To blame Bush or Blair, as many hysterical leftists are now doing, is nothing short of pitiful.

Second, the kidnappers seek to put pressure on the US/UK. They know that this does not work in the US - which is why they decapitated the two US men earlier this week. (With little reaction from the UK media) The kidnappers suspect that the UK may be more vulnerable to this blatant form of blackmail and political manipulation - and I think they may be right.

Anyone watching the absolutely disgraceful BBC Question Time last evening will have seen the success of the Jihadists strategy. An audience full of appeasers with no sense of morality all baying for "negotiation" - even suggesting that we give the terrorists what they want. I have EVEN heard it said, by the same halfwit on Radio Ulster this morning,that the kidnappers have actually been "forced" into doing what they do by the US/UK vile imperialist oppressors.

The truth is that the UK media ise doing all it can to assist the terrorists, and I think it a vague possible that Mr. Bigley MIGHT even be released so that the terrorists can claim the "high moral ground" and exert more pressure brought on Blair to separate from the US.


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