>> 10 Sep 2004

Jude Collins - Send in the Clown

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds awfully like Jude Collins is actively praying for the premature death of Ian Paisley just so his wish of IRA Godfathers back in the corridors of power can be realised. I shouldn't be surprised really; Collins merely compliments a series of current articles alluding to the demise of the Doc - all from the republican fraternity you understand.

I suppose his article indicates some progress of thinking amongst republican acolytes. I remember the times when republicans and their cheerleaders prayed for the premature deaths of those who held the Union dear (Robert Bradford, Airey Neave, HM Armed Forces, people at the cenotaph in Enniskillen, etc.) through the use of tools such as Semtex, machine guns, 'barrack busters' and car bombs. That they now wish the deaths of principled Unionists by the course of nature alone is something they will expect us all to be thankful for.

Ian Paisley is a Protestant who has no time for the doctrines of the Catholic religion. I am a Protestant who has no time for the doctrines of the Catholic religion, and its pretence that only Catholics are the true Christians whilst we Reformers are to be pejoratively dismissed as 'heretics'. I have a great deal of animosity towards the Catholic church for this stance. I suppose it would be asking to much of a person like Collins to look at the reasons why Ian Paisley dislikes Catholicism as opposed to denouncing the man for his right to free speech.

In stark contradiction of Collins' assessment, I don't believe people on the mainland see Unionists as 'un-British'. Apart from the 'whackos' of liberal Left opinion, and the hypocrites in Britain's Irish community, most 'mainlanders' have no affiliation with Irish nationalism. Ulster's Unionists have given us a taste of their Britishness by joining the Armed Forces, and participating in the cultural, social and political life of the British State for generations: a small fact overlooked by dear Jude.

My Collins undoubtedly saves the best till last. He says of the IRA: 'Their day is gone, their work is done.'!! Work? So that's what it was - all that butchery, genocide, dismemberment, structural damage, kneecapping, etc? It was all in a good day's work, was it? Well at least we now know where Collins stands. As for his reservation about the 'immediate acts of IRA completion', I thought we democrats had been waiting six years for their disbandment. Hardly 'immediate' that, is it? Take it from me, the vast bulk of the Unionist people don't misunderstand an agreement designed to embolden and strengthen apologists for terror. They understand it all too well, which is why they voted to apply the brakes last November. Here's to hoping the 'Big Man' keeps the brakes applied firmly.


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