>> 27 Sep 2004


He's top of the US hit list at the moment and his name is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. (Actually that's not his name, but we'll get to that in a moment) He's the Jihadist thug who delights in decapitating innocent kidapped civilians in Iraq - and is holding Ken Bigley at the moment. The BBC does a profile on him here which is worth a read. However it's a bit superficial and if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the Al Qu'eda connections to this Jordanian born barbarian, read this.

I was amazed yesterday to hear al-Zarqawi - an inhuman butcher - compared DIRECTLY with US Defence Secretary Don Rumsfeld. Apparently, in the eyes of our friends on the left, these men are similar and in fact Rumsfeld has killed more people - deliberately. This is the leftist hysteria that Melanie Phillips and other write about made manifest. The sooner the US despatches Zarqawi to infinity the better- his will be one death that does not diminish mankind.


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