>> 13 Sep 2004


I note that British Conservative Leader, Michael Howard, is trying to win brownie points with the environmental lobby by criticising Mr Bush's decision not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. He will say: "One of the most rewarding times when I was Environment Secretary was just after the 1992 election when I succeeded in persuading the United States Government to sign the Climate Change Convention, the forerunner of the Kyoto agreement. Like the war on terror or the drive for responsible free trade, climate change is an international issue that depends on international co-operation. No-one can opt out of the fight against global warming.

What a crock!!If this is the best that Howard can do - he may as well fold up tent and go home.

For a start, his idea that embracing the discredited Kyoto protocols is just what is needed shows how detached from reality British conservatism has become. The United States,under Bush, is right to reject the wacko Kyoto protocols and poor Howard appears to have forgotten that even back in the "Dark Ages" when Clinton was still President Kyoto style provisions were voted down in Senate 95-0 vote in 1997. This "agreement without substance" seems to be designed solely to pressure the U.S. to agree to a treaty that would wreck our economy and put Americans out of work. Quite why Howard is taking an anti-Bush line I do not know - but whoever is advising him is doing the Conservative Party no favours. The more unprincipled and opportunistic it becomes the less reasons to vote for it.


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