>> 29 Sep 2004


Poor old Dan Rather over at CBS. It must have seemed like a great wheeze all those weeks ago now - stab Bush in the back with credible allegations that he sought preferential get-out of doing service treatment. Now, Dan is reduced to saying, "Most importantly, the content of the documents was backed up in our reporting and our sources who knew the thoughts and behavior of Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Killian at that time."

As Addison Ross explains here, "The only honorable solution to this affair is for Dan Rather and CBS to come clean and tell us all they know. But as Dan Rather and his supporters are neither honest nor honorable we can expect this sorry spectacle of media bigotry to continues until Dan Rather has been fully exposed as the lying political bigot he has always been. The truly great thing about this sordid affair is that it has heralded the end of the left's media monopoly and its contempt for the right of the American people to really know the truth."


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