>> 19 Sep 2004


I know this is Courthawk country but this story, carried in the Sunday Times, suggests that new guidelines to be unveiled tomorrow by Lord Woolf, the lord chief justice, will allow crown court judges to apply a “reduction principle” that could see the new minimum 15-year murder sentence cut by “greater than one-third”. Re-read those words - yes - a "reduction principle"!!!!

If true, this is scandalous and confirms just how corrupted by namby-pamby liberalism the judiciary has now become. Focused on the needs of them murderer, not the victim, this fuzzy logic thinking has to be confronted by those who consider the victims first. How on earth can a murderer be "punished" by a meagre SEVEN years? Of course, in the correct circumstances, I favour hanging for murder but our intelligentsia know better and our politicians want to be seen to be reasonable by the left-wing British media.

What next, give the culprits a lottery grant and employ them in the PSNI?


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