>> 12 Sep 2004


The past week has seen an extreme wacko-leftist called Michael Myers polluting these posts. He's gone now - but here is another Myers that is a must-read. I refer to Kevin Myers writing in todays' Sunday Telegraph on the subject of the BBC being the IRA's useful idiot. Writing off recent BBC productions set in Northern Ireland, he says, "One of the central and abiding problems of Northern Ireland is the role of perception in influencing politics. For the BBC to be subsidising a Sinn Fein version of the history of the Troubles isn't merely wrong in itself, but is profoundly irresponsible, a kind of down payment on further conflict in the future."

Myers make several excellent points amongst them "Northern Ireland was not Chile or Argentina. No one was murdered in custody by the security forces. No one. It just didn't happen. The only "disappeared" of the Irish Troubles were the dozen or so victims of the IRA, the remains of half of whom are still undiscovered. More than 300 RUC men and women were murdered by terrorists in the course of their duties: yet they held the line"


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