>> 24 Sep 2004

Nationalists Never Satisfied

For fifteen years Geraldine Finucane, her family, and her high society chums in Sinn Fein/IRA have been calling for an enquiry into the dispatching of her Provo-embracing husband, Pat. Yes, the man who lived off the fat of the land courtesy of defending scumbags, the man whose family and supporters cannot even be truthful about where his connections lay, and the man who was killed - ironically - by a methodological 'comrade-in-arms' of the filth he represented, is to finally have an enquiry into his passing commissioned by the UK government and, hence, funded by my hard-earned taxes.

Is old Geraldine happy? Is she 'chuff'! She has said that, because HM Government will be following the normal rules and practices governing investigations into matters potentially exposing the flank of national security interests, she will not participate in 'a fiasco and a circus'. So, in the round, I will have to work to pay taxes towards an investigation into the death of a man I despised, and tolerate the breathtaking ingratitude of his self-indulgent, miserable brood to boot. Meanwhile, I trust Mrs Finucane will respond in kind by offering some of the silver earned by her ex to the victims of the crimes perpetrated by creatures her late beloved championed. I won't hold my breath!!


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