>> 24 Sep 2004


The Belfast Telegraph - what a newspaper.

It's always there with it's finger on the pulse, full of exciting young thrusting whippersnapper columnists like Barry White (Sadly, NOT the walrus of love) Eric Waugh (Approaching his 100th Birthday?) Brian Walker (Snnnooozzze)...and now ..... Jim Dougal. (Who he - oh yes, man in suit formerly our man in Brussels)

Yes - that's how exciting Northern Ireland's evening newspaper is these days. Then there is the now de-spectacled club cabaret expert Steven King (Master of UUP horror stories) and Eamon "Power to the People" McCann (Is he still in the Tooting Popular Front? Who knows and who cares.).

The only chinks of light in the darkness of this daily rag come from Gail Walker on a good day, Malachi O'Doherty (Individualistic) and best of all for me.. Lindy McDowell. For some reason, being anti-Belfast Agreement and therefore representative of the majority of unionists, puts one beyond the pale as far as our soaraway Telegraph is concerned.


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