>> 19 Sep 2004

Persian Pertinacity

The Islamic Republic of Iran has said it will not bow to UN demands to stop activities related to the enrichment of uranium. This is not some commendation of the United Nations' authoritative calibre or righteousness (a more corrupt and immoral organisation doesn't exist), it is about a deeply unstable country, mired in religious extremism, developing a tangible nuclear programme for use in the construction of weapons.

Loony Lefties always retort by invoking the false analogy of Israel. There is something deeply disturbing about people who think that the right to a nuclear deterrent should be the same across the board, irrespective of huge political and international ambitions of different countries. It is like saying a five year old should be able to drive the same car as a 25 year old, because they are both human beings. Like the Israel/Iran comparison, such an argument permits no room for the obvious inclusion of stark differences between two people either side of a twenty year age gap.

Israel is a democratic state. It has no territorial ambitions not related to its internal security. In other words, if the countries enveloping the Jewish State would cease their aspirations for its extinction, the need to occupy territory would be redundant. Israel has no interest or capability of forming strategic alliances to destabilise the Middle East; Iran has many interests in the above. Israel seeks international support to ensure, in part, its constitutional survival; Iran seeks - specifically - Islamic support to create an 'Muslim nation' stretching from the Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf. Israel has an open framework of universal suffrage; Iran is a state where appointed militia (known as the pasdar) seek to enforce to suffocatingly oppressive Islamic doctrines which underpin the customs governmental institutions of the country.

Iran is a pariah state. It has to be told to disarm, lest force be used to ensure compliance. It is as simple as that!


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